Friday, November 14, 2008

Yoghurt with Fuji Apple

I don't know since when Sushi doesn't likes the apple anymore. But my mom bought the Fuji apple for her. It is gonna be a waste if Sushi doesn't eat! Me and mom doesn't fancy apple much. So I decided to make Yoghurt with Fuji Apple for Sushi:

Here are the apple cubes:

And then I add this yoghurt (about one tablespoon), Sushi loves this yoghurt a lot:

and mix them well together:

So now I got a yoghurt apple mix, I gave Sushi a piece of apple with yoghurt dip to test if she will eat.. oh my she just lick away the yoghurt and "puih" the apple to the floor... -___- *sweat*

So I take a fork and press the apple cubes into smaller pieces and give the entire bowl of yoghurt apple mix to Sushi. Within a minutes, all its gone!


Sushi: yummmm yumm... anymore?

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