Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Lexus Old Pix

Found some old pix of Lexus, baby time ;) I don't know much of this photos, just look at them and see his funny look! Enjoy!

He is indeed smarter and handsome now, if to compare his old photos!

PS: Sinv jie, mom can't find the yat pek si photo!

22nd March, Central Park

Hi hi.. its been long since I update my blog. You know what happen? All is mommy's fault! She brought the laptop onto her bed, and when she can lay down on bed using the laptop forever! So I don't have the chance to blog!

Mom (YL): LOL actually I am feeling too comfortable on the bed, and lazy to wake up to take cameras to upload photos... each night...

Ok, so I shall just upload whatever its over, just to spice up a bit of this neglected blog. Just enjoy the photos =P, as I don't even remember what actually happened =)

Random photos during the Poodle Gathering on 22nd March at Central Park.
Photos grab from: Sinv's Blog

Flying Lexus

Me lou gai cause mommy scold me for barking at other dogs...

Tired me!

Tired Lexus...

Me & Miki!

Caught Amos humping Lexus!

Ok, that's a short day at the park AGAIN! We don't get to walk around much because Miki is just soooo noisy! Mom, just don't bring her next time, ok?!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Central Park 15 March

Mom brought us 3 to the park yesterday. Chris jie say mommy so ambitious bringing us THREE alone... but to mom, she say she is just being fair, when she still have the energy to do so. I love her so much!

This is the few photos taken by other people, that mommy grab from the forum. Mommy took some of our photos too, but she is too tired to upload it tonight for me. I haven't learn how to upload it from the camera.

So, let's enjoy this photos first!

This is me and the GR I dislike. I keep bark at him/her. I don't feel that he/she is nice hmm.... and that's Lexus beside me.

This is Miki, and me & Lexus at the back. Miki gets quite a bit of attention too!

For the first time I feel Miki is so gorgeous! Which means, mommy's photography skills BAD! And that's Lexus's BUTT!

Here's one more.. while we were walking..

Hmm.. couldn't find a photo with Lexus face... he is not handsome enough to grab attention! He just know how to cheat for food from people!

Will update more once mommy load the photos.

We are JAILED!

This is what happened when mommy wants to vacuum or mop the floor..

Note: Picture was taken before Miki was groomed :)

Somebody, please rescue us!

Lexus is the most ganjiong one, because he sticks to mom a lot! If mom is not in his sight, he starts to cry. What a baby boy...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty Miki!

Finally, Miki joined us to stay in this little cosy apartment! She will stay with us from now on =)

For those who don't know who is Miki, she is mom's first daughter. Her details as follow:

DOB: 2nd June 2007
Gender: Female
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour: Salt & Pepper

She is my elder sister, but she listen to me! Because I am mommy's girl =)

This is how she looks like during the first stay here, mommy already bathed her because she did not bath for 2 weeks! @@

Yesterday, mommy try to groom her because Miki is quite messy. Mommy said she is just trying, she haven't learn the proper cut for MS yet. I personally think she looks nice after groom =)

On the "grooming table"..

These, once belongs to Miki :)

Some random Miki's photos.. She don't likes to look at the camera!

Kepoh Lexus

Now, Miki and Lexus always fight for toys! I don't know what is so fun biting the rope... let them fight, I shall have my sleep!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lexus Baby Boy

Remember I talked about having a brother? Finally I guess I should do some introduction about him!

Name: Lexus
Nickname: XusXus, Xus.. Baby.. BB.. Boy!
Breed: Toy Poodle (Red)
Birthday: 4 August 2008
Gender: my brother.. what do you think its his gender? =)
Weigh: approx. 2.5kg

Mommy adopted him few weeks back. He is very sticky to mom... I don't quite like him in the beginning, but now I like to play with him :)

This is how he looks like when he first reach our place. I think he looks silly!

Pretty me, ugly him!

After first bath at our place...

Can't see the eyes at all! He need to be groom!

Must do like this only can see his eyes...

His sanitary fur... mommy shaved him down there. Mommy says he always wet wet down there after he pee pee...

Xus prepared to be groom... can't see eyes!

Tadah.... he looks a lot better now :p He is groomed by mommy's teacher, Valerie. Mommy haven't learn how to cut poodle YET. Valerie jie only groom Xus's head, and he looks like a make over!

This is how he looks like when he sleeps...

He likes to pose for mommy to take photo!

At the end of intro-ing him, let me show you my picture! This is taken before I am being groomed the other day =)

Till then!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Da Salon

I guess most of our moms accompany us to the grooming centre aka our salon... some mother even wait at the centre till we get done! But definately not my mom.. she just dumped me with the groomers.. but now she will be the one that be grooming me, that's great! She won't dump me anymore.

Ok, back to the topic today. How many of us that actually accompany our mom to the salon? I mean the hooman salon. I get a chance to go with her sometime back. I can tell you, the hooman salon its not fun! Mom don't get extra service. In our salon, we gets lotsa kisses, treats, huggies despite the stoooooopid blower and nail clipper... our salon is much more better! Mom don't get her manicure and pedicure done... the stylist don't wash her butt =X and don't clean her ears... Believe me.. as mommy told me I must start to learn to love grooming and appreciate it. Trying hard!

Just some random pictures in the hooman salon. There is a few more, but mom's photography skill are lousy.. I wouldn't want the bad photos polluting my pretty blog.

Dear friends... love your groomers, don't bite them ya!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something For Me

Today, mommy bought something for me. Normally I am very excited and happy if she buys me anythings. But this time, the thing she bought for me, I am not excited at all!

See! She bought this!

A stoooopid blower. I hate blowing! I don't like people blowing my hair. Mommy even said she actually wanted to buy the one like school... the power blower. Luckily she did not. This one already going to kill me... don't talk about the POWER ONE!

Mom: Get a powerful one, shorter time to blow you, so you no need suffer so long lor!

Mommy don't blow her hair, why do I need to blow uh? Anyway, I know I got no choice... I am mommy's girl...

This is how the actual blower looks like:

It got 2 speed and 2 temperature, 2200W. This one is used by professional in the salon. The hooooman one. Actually she wanted to buy a branded one, but when someone tells her "Branded one also made in China right?" then she laughs.. and end up she bought this one after trying it.

I don't look forward for my next bath session.

And she also bought this:

Wee wee pad... she bought TONNES of it...(I don't study maths, I don't know how much is "tonne") LOL... anyway, the stock can last for a year at least :P

If you don't know what is wee wee pad... it means my toilet. I pee & poo on it. I don't pee/poo anywhere else. Mommy said I am good girl, so I deserve her bed. If mommy remove my pad to somewhere else, I will still look for it and pee. If I look the entire house still can't find any pad, then I got no choice but to whine at mommy. If she not around, I will pee at the spot where mommy always put the pad. I am good girl, right?

Mommy Is Sad

Mommy is still unhappy today. She is so moody. When she reach home from her class, she didn't talk to me. Reach home just sit in front of the computer. After awhile I saw her started to cry. I don't know what happen. I wanted to kiss her but she don't wanna hug me up the chair. She just stares at the computer and cry. Then suddenly she ran to her bed, cover herself with blanket. I know she was still crying. I feel so sad seeing her like that. HELP!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grooming Pic

As promised, some of my grooming photos. It is boring on the table, and mommy thought I am a not-moving-toy, keep snapping my photos!

I look nice or not? My fur looks so soft right? Mommy says she don't know my fur is that long, because she seldom groom me on a table. She keep spread my fur like carpet on the table.

You see la, mommy took my photos till I fall asleep she also haven't finish.

Closing the eyes dy... but still need to maintain my pretty look!

Oh yah, the groomer is actually my mommy =) She is taking grooming course in Pets Icon.

BTW, today mommy very not in good mood. I know someone bully her but I don't know who. Anybody can teach me how to make her feel better? All I know is just kiss her... feel so bad can't help my mommy to feel better.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sushi Taking Over

Start from 1st March, I (Sushi) will be in charge of this blog. Mommy is too busy sleeping, and she ask me to maintain the blog on her behalf.

I feel that this is an honor for me! And to celebrate this, I wanna change the layout of this blog! It needs to feature me more, since I am in charged! However, I will still be blogging about mommy's furkids (Lu's Furkids)... which includes me, my sisters and brother! Who is my brother? Stay tuned!

This is the picture at the top of this new layout.

The above picture was edited by mommy. The actual photo was taken after I did my basic grooming in Pets Icon. Do you see my little right hand near my muzzle? Mommy said it will looks a lot nicer if I did not place my hand there. But I find it cute!

I feel so refresh today! Will post more of my grooming pictures soon!