Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sushi complains...

Hi, I am Sushi.. don't know why mommy don't have the mood to update the blog. I asked her to play with me, she also don't want!! I'm so sad.. nobody plays with me. From morning I am waiting for my meal, and after I have my meal, I wait for my next meal, so on and so forth. I think I am getting fatter without Miki around. Miki always make me chase her, because she always snatches the toys! Sometimes I hate her because she won't let me have her toys. She even grab mine.. humf! But now she is not here, I miss her..

Wonder if mamie going to give me any yoghurt today.. bet not? But luckily I got some guava earlier, popoh gimme... very sweet!

Oh well, guess I gonna entertain my own, looking at the mini-white (Xiao Xiao) running the wheel. What is so fun with the wheel? Do they have one big size that can fit me in? Popoh said I am getting fat... :(

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