Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green Purees

Today.. hmm what I did today? Oh yah I went to the supermarket and bought some vegetables. Today I got Mustard Green (Sawi Hijau) and Local Spinach... the popeye the sailorman spinach haha.. :)

I still do not have the blogging habit yet, because if I do, I am sure I will snap a picture the fresh vegetables I bought. But oh well, both of them are blended into purees, and now I turn them into ice cube. Aha.. I will show the ice cube..

one sec......*went to take photos*

half minute later... *cheh I thought I said one sec*

Hmm.. Wait ya uploading picture LOL.. Ok while uploading.. let's talk something else. Mom is complaining that I "hide" too much stuff in her fridge. She got no space for our hoo-man food, and she always mistake the tupperware of sushi's meal for our dinner. Luckily she loves Sushi, else she will non stop scolding me.

ok uploading done, here it is:

The green ice cube is the puree of spinach + mustard green. This is the puree I am adding into Sushi's daily meal. I switches the greens variety for her so she gets all sorts of different nutrients. I adding about 20-30% of greens into her meal. Its about 2-3 ice cubes. Oh yah, you see the orangy thing at the bottom? That's pumpkin. Pumpkin its for the vitamin A and carbohydrate, along with other vitamins. Good for constipation too :p You see I am putting everything into one container, because someone nag me using too much of the fridge space LOL...

Green leafy is strongly recommended for home cook meal, because they contain high calcium, fiber and other vitamins which is very important for a dog. Although some dog nutritionist say adding greens may be enough, but I will still give Sushi some calcium supplement. This is because we need to balance up the calcium:phosphorus ratio of a dog. A well balance ca:ph ratio for a dog is 1.2:1. Most meat is super high in phosphorus, about 8 times of the calcium. So, we need a lot of calcium to balance up the ca:ph ratio. Maybe I should blog on this topic some other day, because a lot of fact is needed for this ca:ph thing. I am not starting any calcium supplement right now because I am adding stuff into her meal slowly, not creating her upset stomach or allergy, just started with the flax meal.

I will be adding kelp into her meal too. Just ordered from the organic health store, it should be here next week. Oh dear.. she is eating so much healthier then me? What I get for dinner just now? Maggi Curry...

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