Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fried Rice!

Cooking day for Sushi again.. I cooked for her every 2 days, and freeze the remaining portion for the following day. Today, I decided to cook her fried rice, since I would like to have one for dinner too, but later you will see how different is our fried rice!

Let's see Sushi's version:

Ingredient: Buffalo meat, brown rice, carrots and organic egg, with minimum oil just for the egg.

How did I cook? First I fried the egg with a little wee bit of oil, and then remove it from the wok. Then I add the meat, followed by the carrots.. stir and stir *quickly* because I wasn't using non-stick wok so I need to be quick. After the meat is almost done, brown rice is added. I keep stir fry it for awhile, can't be long because the rice starts to stick to the wok already!! This is what happened when you do not add enough amount of oil. And then put the fried egg earlier back into the wok and stir.. finally serve!


A healthy meal for Sushi! (a lot healthier then mine if you read it further down later)

Next, I cooked for myself! Ingredient... WHITE RICE! I ate white rice, and Sushi ate BROWN RICE! She got the healthier choice! Actually, I choose white rice because it taste so much nicer in fried rice. The other ingredients for my fried rice, you can see the picture below. There aren't any others I can found in my fridge. And oh, I don't like carrot.

Can you see which has shinier surface? Yes, you got it right, its mine! OMG... OMG... this is what happen when nobody nags you, nobody controls what you eat. So all unhealthy frozen food and oil (I added the dried scallops floss, its kinda oily for the better taste) and the seasoning (salt & soy sauce) went into my stomach for the dinner today.

Come to a thought, who has the better life? Me or Sushi? Do you prefer tasty or healthy?

Ok, so both fried rice is done, should be time to eat? This is what happen when I was taking the above photos.

Sushi: Mie, are you done yet?

Sushi: Mie, you are slow!

Show you something, Sushi's scarf!

I get her wear this every time she has her meal, to prevent her ears (and other fur) drop into the bowl, and make a big mess for her head. With this, it is easier to clean her face too.

Meal time! Today, she eats like a lady, very slow! A total of 3 minutes video, watch it if you got time!

At the end of the video, you can see she is looking right up... there is the dining table, where the remaining fried rice is. What is she thinking? She wants more?


3ggNurs3 said...

seems like sushi's fried rice big portion ler~~~~

yenlu said...

Haha.. if not how she so fat now?

LOL actually the cooked one last 2 days meal la.. meaning 4 meal.