Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Say Cheese!

This afternoon, suddenly mommy was shouting "Sushi! Miki! Come!", I thought mommy want to give us treat. So I rush to mommy as quickly as possible. I want to grab the first bite, cannot let Miki win. But when I found mommy, I saw her holding the stupid flashy thingy (camera), and no treats on her hand! I was soooo disappointed. Mommy even asked us to "pah dei" (down trick)... so I just follow her order guai guai.

Miki was very bad. She doesn't want to listen to mommy's order. She took so long just to pah dei. I waited so long for her to complete the order. You see I was so boring waiting her!

Then mommy said "girls, smiles a bit?"

Mommy don't understand, it is not fun at all.. I don't want to pah dei beside Miki. Somemore I don't think Miki is photogenic at all. She was so messy, look at her eye brows!

But mommy insisted. Haiz, no choice, so I just tolerate a bit. OMG Miki is smiling already, I also need to smile, if not later mommy don't sayang me! Gotta show my best look!

Can you see my pretty face? I know I am pretty ^_^ But mommy still say "smiles somemore".................. what mommy want?

See I also sayang mommy, I smile even sweeter and Miki smiles even sillier.. -___-

Miki: Stop complaining or I bite you!

As if I scare? I will bite Miki in return! And because of my mumbling and nagging, finally mommy took my solo photo. Mommy love me, me love mommy too!

Mommy: Actually, Miki walked away, because I asked them stay there too long, so I got no choice but to take Sushi's solo photo LOL, don't tell Sushi ya!

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