Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The House Guard

Recently, we got a house guard. She will stay there for so long, almost whenever nobody was entertaining her.

This is her frequent pose:

Or when she is tired (tired pose):

When a cat pass by, all household members will shocked!

A great house guard indeed!

P/S: Agnes, you see the red toy that you gave me, but Miki saw and snatch it away.. so I have to erm.. give her "willingly".


3ggNurs3 said...

oh!!! my poor little toy... must be being swing n bite by miki >.< hahaha.... boyboy also a good house guard... even at nite... gosh...

yenlu said...

she likes it leh... no choice lor haha..

Boyboy also guard house? So nice!

3ggNurs3 said...

Not nice la...bising sangat...especially at nite... >.<

yenlu said...

Haha.. he saw something suspicious mah..