Saturday, January 24, 2009

My new dress for CNY =)

Halo... me Sushi greet everybody Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Today, I'm going to show you my new dress for CNY. This is it, a very red chinese style dress:

This is how it looks like when it is opened flat.

And this is how I looks like wearing it!

I looks soooo fat! Look at my chest! This is a size 4 dress. I am definately a size 3 girl, but mommy said the size 3 may looks short on me. She said she loves the dress cover me whole body. Mommy bought this dress online and I never got a chance to try before this. She said better buy bigger then smaller... but I looks so fat! Me no happy Sushi.

Mommy, Sushi not that fat :( *sob* How.. how... *cries*

Let me make a wish, let this dress become smaller....*make a wish, namo namo namo..*

Is it smaller yet?

No it is not... >_< urrghhhhh and mommy keep on taking me ugly pic... urrghhhh!!

Mom: Stop complaining, I put some magic dust on it, ok?"

Mommy, you should did that earlier! FASTER LA!!!!

Luckily mommy said she will help me put some magic dust on it. After awhile, mommy let me wear this dress again. Am I slimmer now?

What about this side?

I think the magic dust did a great job on my dress! Now I am proud to wear this out to take angpao! I wonder if they will give me any?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sleeping Piggies....

Last week, when Miki came over, Sushi and Miki had fun chasing each other. The cutest thing of all, they sleep together on Sushi's bed!

Too cute!

Sushi: Mommy, Miki very fat!

Luckily they did not play bed-marking. Else both of them will have to sleep on floor.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Send them for basic groom..

Last post I mentioned that my dogs went to swim in the lake, and we did not plan to go home so early, so we sent them to groom.

Too bad its a Saturday, and most of the good groomers are fully book. So we got no choice and sent them to one of the shop in NZX, that is not so busy. We went for dinner while waiting for them. I told them to call me when they are ready.

I feel a bit heart pain seeing how they handle my dog. They grab them from my hand and just "throw" into the cage :( Sushi was whinning there seeing me leaving, while Miki was jumping in the cage. Sigh... I just hope they don't hurt my dogs.

After dinner, and a short walk around NZX, we went back to the petshop to check if they are done. Its about one and half hour later. When we reached there, my girls are done. I asked the groomer why didn't she call me telling me they are done? She said, "I just about to call later...", she was sweeping the floor. I don't know how true about "she is calling me afterward".

After make the payment we left. I do a minor check in the car, nothing hurt on them. When I reached home, I did another thorough check, no big deal too. Just awhile later I noticed Sushi was licking her back, near the tail there. And I notice some rashes... I quickly apply cream on her. I hope that is the last bad thing I find after the grooming, but I was wrong. I found cuts in the paw and near the ass-hole.

I should have insist to go home and bath them and not send them to this kind of groomer! Never had any problems sending them to other groomers, only once Miki's paw get cut, that was done by the HOG trainee.

Anyway, this is the grooming photos:

Both of them looks so sweet in the photo.

As you can see, Sushi already messed up with her ponytail not long after we reached home. The groomer did not do a great job on that -__- I think I did better. Scroll down to see that I tie her hair again.

Miki looks silly in this pic. They clipped away some of the Miki's leg fur, end up she looks like having slim legs. I wonder how come they do so much thing for their basic groom, where I just request them to clean their ears, shave the paws, bath and blow dry? Really have to agree to the statement, cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap =)

I don't like the band they used to tie Sushi's hair. It looks like normal human rubber band. I take it off (by cutting the band) after I took the photos, and it pulls a lot of Sushi's hair... zzz... the latex band that I bought and have been using on Sushi, will not pulls any hair if I cut away the band.

I re-tie her ponytail:

Sushi: Mommy did better than that JieJie :)

Sushi: I looks so sweet :)

Sushi: Willie, I lenglui mah?

Sushi: This is silly Miki

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got 2 Swimmer Dogs

Actually I am home since yesterday, but was keep unpacking and cleaning... hate CNY. Who set the rules to do cleaning prior to CNY? Ok, stop whining.

We brought the girls to BU Park last Saturday evening. Let them run off-leashed, and they kept running chasing the birds around.

Both of them were very hyper chasing birds. When the birds flew over the lake, I'm not sure whether Miki realize about the lake or not, she followed the birds and she fell into the lake LOL............ and she still chasing the birds... swimming. We were too shock to take any of her swimming photos. I yelled at their daddy to rescue Miki, because I'm not sure if she can swim.

Just in less then 2 seconds Miki in the lake, Sushi follows and jump into the lake!!!! -__________- Well, Sushi was run towards Miki's direction and "runs" into the lake, and she stone there not moving LOL. She did not swim. I am not sure she was chasing the birds, or wanted to join Miki in the lake, because I did not pay attention to her that moment, was worrying Miki. Luckily Sushi is just near the land so I can just hugged her up. While Miki, she need to swim back on-shore LOL... she can swim! LOL...

It was way too funny seeing both of my dogs wet in the park. Since they are wet, we let them played in the water. Trying to put them back into the lake to swim but they refused. I guessed they are afraid now. Previously they don't know the brown "floor" is water.. now they know. Haha... so we got no choice but to wash them at the public toilet, to clear off the dirty water.

Shots after they are clean with tap water:

Sushi in the car...

We couldn't stop laughing for that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Busying with somethings, and don't get the chance to get on the net. Even now, I am actually "stealing" someone's broadband LOL.. neighbours kaka.. I guess I'll be able to update more around Tuesday or Wednesday. A lot things happened! I should be arranging the photos first :P

Till then!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just a short note, away for the week. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Remember my head accident? It doesn't give me pain for awhile now, but now I am feeling it is so pain. The wound there is aching. No idea what's the cause. I guess I am feeling sick today. Feeling hot and cold, no energy and don't wanna leave the bed. Woke up 10am+ till now, I have never eaten anything. Mom tapao me my lunch, its still sitting there until now. I just don't have the appetite to eat. Guess somehow I need to swallow something, because I feel the need to take the pain killer. I hope there's nothing wrong with my head.

My mom scares me saying people die after 2 weeks they knocked their head........ touchwood LOL... if it ever happens then sayonara everyone ^_^ Hope someone will help me take care my kids.... ROFL..


I couldn't believe it when someone you have known for years actually betrays you. It is so heartbreak knowing that he betrayed you when you gave him trust. The human world is sickening. I shouldn't have trust him, and I don't even know why I should in the first place. No one can be trusted except yourself.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty Sushi

Dearest gorgor jiejie, I am Sushi here. Don't know what's wrong with mommy, took my picture for so many days still don't want to post up. Let me show you my pretty pictures!

Another shot! I am great at posing, am I?

Do you notice my hairclip?

See properly... the pink colour one!

This pink clip is the newest mommy bought for me. It looks so nice on me. Even pohpoh also said I pretty and she jealous I got more clips than her.

I hope mommy will buy more pinky clips for me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Fruit

Mommmmmy still veli lazy lehhh....... nevermind, she lazy also good, so I got chance to blog.

Today, pohpoh went to her friend's orchard, and she bring home some rambutans and this!

What is that? Pohpoh said it is "Wong Kam Guo" as in Golden Fruits. Pohpoh let me tried some, it is soo tasty, but mommy says "yuccckkksssss, how come got milk taste?"... Mommy so stupid, she also don't know how to eat this yummy fruit!

When mommy was taking the picture of this fruit, I faster go and k-poh. I thought mommy wanna let me eat, who knows... she just snap a picture. Sigh... need wait pohpoh come home, then I must show her my pretty eyes, lure her to feed me Golden Fruits!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Evening Walks

Mommy very lazy, she ask me to blog wor...

Few days ago, mommy bring me to the open area for a walk. I like it here because mommy let me walk off leash. So many things for me to explore.

I like to sniff around, at everythings!

Hey I heard something. What's that sound?

Sound like someone barking uh? But where is it?

Its not here...

Mommy, I want find that dog, don't ask me SIT!

Is it here? Let me sniff...

I heard it! Its over there!

When I just found out where is the dog that barks, mommy said lets go home! =( Cannot find that dog =( Nevermind.. I'll find him next time.

This is at the front of our house. A few kids are playing around and they keep pointing at me. Mommy let me out to play with them. All the kids afraid of me except this Indian girl. I am so lenglui they still afraid of me -___-

At least this little girl sayang me a lot!

Happy evening ^_^

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Place

Today, I bring Sushi go to a new park. This park are popular place for hoomans to jog. Because I am not in proper attire to jog, and I also did not plan to jog, I just bring Sushi walk around for awhile. There is a playground too, but many malay kids, so I did not bring Sushi there.

I will bring Sushi there again one day, when I am in the mood to jog kaka... It is actually a pathway surrounding a lake, kinda dirty and old place. Only can bring Sushi there if I planned to bath her that day. Which means I am going to bath her later.

Resting on the mini-bridge:

Prepare to walk down the staircase:

Curry for Sushi?

Today I cooked curry for Sushi. Hahahhaa..... you see!!

I cooked for 3 days portion somemore! The small bowl is one meal portion. Then I take out the portion for dinner tonight before I put everything else into the fridge.

Yes, I really cooked curry hahah, close up:

I should cooked a dry curry but I added too much water. Oh well, since she doesn't drink a lot, maybe its good to add more water into her body.

YES! This curry is for Sushi. I don't fake it kakakka.... Oh I also add some vege puree for her. But I am not showing that, because the colour maybe looks awkward for someone.... greenish curry.

Sushi licks her bowl clean!

Actually it is...pumpkin..

*disclaimer: Real Curry is never for dog*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peaceful Day

Nothing special happened today, I went out whole day doing my personal stuff, from the banks, to the pharmacies, to the accountant firm, to my customer's office, chit-chating, and finally went to the post office to mail out the bones.

When I get to the post office, the guy ask me, why so long never see me? I don't know how to answer XD I used to post a lot of things oversea, exchanging stuff with my oversea friends. I have cut those off a lot.. because budget not enough anymore LOL..

So Sushi is left alone at the house. When I reached home, she was so excited. Planned to bring her out for a walk, but too bad, there were the people spraying a lot of smoke (something to do with the mosquitoes that causes dengue). Its too smelly and not healthy to breathe in, so we stayed indoor.

Look at my sleeping girl... she must be super boring today, because I hadn't entertain her!

After I just published this post, I look at Sushi, she is in this position! So cute! So I must edit and post to show! She just dig her bed, so she is kinda messy XD

Sushi's Favourite Toy

This is Sushi's favourite toy - Minnie. Being a favourite, of course it is kinda dirty :p

It has beany inside, and Sushi has never ripped Minnie off before, but Miki did. There was once I forget to keep Minnie away when Miki was around, Miki play with it, and then Minnie has a hole *sob* and some of the beany spill out. I quickly pick up as much as I could and put it back, and I repair Minnie. So basically Minnie is thinner now.

Bite bite bite...

Step on you! Sei mei...

And because Elsie posted about her happy-family, I dig out my not-so-happy-family to show her. There are a couple more, must be with Miki. I am not sure where are the rest. Therefore, they are not-so-happy-family squeaky toys.

Sushi loves the whale and the seagull, the fishy and bees are not so good shape to bite :p