Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Xiao Xiao's fur changed?

Ok, the mommy back to blogging LOL =)

The more XX grow, the more greyish she seems to be. She was quite white during baby time, and now, she is about 3 months old, look at her fur colour:

She has some cute marking there :) Even some said she is a "Husky" because of her face marking.

That video was taken when she was 2 months plus. I am glad that she is getting bigger already. Notice the head part? The grey marking on top of her head makes her looks like a husky :p She is not that scare of me already. However, she still eat a lot lesser comparing XB. XB is a real big eater!

Right now, their diet is Prestige, Briter Bunny, fresh foods & veges, Vegetarian Powder supplement, Nutri-Smoothie and organic mix nuts & fruits, LC-Vit supplement too =) Occasionally, I gave them Orijen (dog kibbles) for protein supplement ^_^

I start to think how come all my pets get all sorts of healthy food, where I had my McD lunch earlier?


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