Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nuggets! Nuggets!

Today, I made some nuggets for Sushi as her main meal.

Ingredient: Buffalo meat + Pumpkin

You may ask, why buffalo? Sounds soooo yucky to somebody, even me for the first time. But I strive for hormone and antibiotic free meat source, buffalo is one of them.

This is how it looks like in my toaster oven, blended meat and pumpkin:

and ta-dah.. they are done after 15 minutes, oh I did turn them over at about 8 minutes time:

and I mixed the nuggets with pumpkin brown rice, and mixed vegetable purees (no picture for the purees) to balance up the meal:

See how Sushi loves the dinner!

SS: Mommy, please don't take me eating picture!

Oh yeah, I did not gave her all the nuggets, nor all the rice in the picture, its too much for her one meal, kept the extra in the fridge. It is enough for her 3 meals ;)

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