Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sushi Ban Leng Leng

Hi, I'm Sushi here reporting ^_^

Actually I thought baapii is coming today, but don't know why till now I still don't see him. Mommy says, he will only be here in 2-3 more days. Haihz... why he don't come earlier? I miss him ma...

Don't know what is in mommy's mind, she combs me so long today. At first she uses the yellow clip on my hair, later she say, yellow not nice, then change to blue clip.

Do you think blue clip looks nicer?

Seriously I don't think so, I love pink more! But the blue clip doesn’t last long on my head, because a minute later, mommy say, “Come, I tie your hair”. It is been so long since I had my hair tied, because mommy says if she ties my hair often, my hairs will break a lot. So she just uses clips on me. Sometimes she uses about 3 clips on my head! This is how my hair clips look likes:

See, mommy just tie my hair again!

Am I pretty?

I know I am ^_^

Mommy took this video 4 months back, showing how she tie my hair. Have a look if you are free! And see how much hair I grown since then?


WiLLie said...

leng lui sushi, can be my gf? u r so pretty with long hair..phee wit~~ :P

yenlu said...

Haha.. you need to ask my mommy -sushi-