Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I had a Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night. It makes me jump up from my sleep. It was so real that I thought it was really happened. It was the thing that I am afraid of happening in my life in the future. I was so frightened by the nightmare. I couldn't continue my sleep, and my mind keep think I should pull a full stop on this. I am really scared.

People says, dreams are the things that you have been thinking all day, and it repeats in your mind during your sleeping time. But I would say, this thing I have not been keep thinking before. This thought came to me after Xmas, and I am very sure I have only think about it 2-3 times. I would only think "What if ...." and then I did not further imagine. And the scene come exactly in my dream! Something even worse then I could ever imagine.

There are so many other things that I keep thinking, such as "being a millionaire" but this does not appear in my dream. Sigh, what should I do now? I am really afraid my nightmare comes true in my life...

Edit to add, I just found this from here:

Fear Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: Bad memories, feelings of guilt, self-doubt, worries, anger, carnal desires, insecurities and anxieties are often pushed out of our waking thoughts and repressed. Nightmares occur when these hidden fears force us to pay attention to them. This is a opportunity to discover what part of you is threatening to destroy your inner peace. What is it that you fear so much that you have to push it away into the darkness of the unconscious?

Mystical Meaning: The superstitions come close to modern psychology with this one: If you overcome whatever frightens you in your dreams, you will also overcome the things that frighten you in waking life.

Read the bold text... I need to overcome the frightens in my dreams to overcome the frightens in my waking life. My first thought when I was waken by my nightmare is "I SHOULD STOP IT"... so does it means I need to do so?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lazy Day

Today, mommy very lazy. She sleep and sleep and sleep. Made me also feel sooo lazy. I also sleep with her.

Then when she wakes up, she still don't want to play with me. But she got give me eat yogurt hehe... makes my mouth wet wet. You see my boh mood face:

Finally, she ask me play the bell-ball myself. Make me so sad.

I know mommy sick, so I also no blame her. Hope she fast fast recover so can bring me go out gai gai soon!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blending Greens

It seems that each time I do Green Purees worth a post of blog HAHA :) But this time a little bit different. I am using another blender. Its my mom's. I made this on Sunday.

I only get 3 types this time, because it is kinda limited in The Store supermarket XD I should have go to the hypermarket instead. Or better still, the wet market.

I got some Green Mustard, Red Spinach (why red?) and Carrot. Everytime I make puree I try not to use the same vegetables.

Then I put part of them into the blender and blend. (After wash)

I tried but it is not very successful. Blending leaves is not easy. So I take them out, and I put only carrot and the stem of the greens, it is easier to "run" in the blender. After they become mushy, then only I add in the leaves.

This is the result:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Walk in the Evening.

I brought Sushi for a walk just now, after I went to buy some groceries. We went to an open area near my neighbourhood. Sushi non stop sniffing the grass, and leaves. And then she peed on the grass XD I guess she learn to peed outdoor from Miki.

This is a short clip, right before we went home. Sushi is very messy, and time for a good bath later ^_^

Supplies Shopping Day

I am kinda "big head prawn" (careless) sometimes. I misplaced Sushi's stainless steel comb after Cameron trip, because I was taking in and out giving Sushi her best look most the time. So, on the day I traveled from Teluk Intan to Mentakab, I dropped by Pet Safari, Ikano to get some supplies.

For Sushi:

A double-sided stainless steel comb with plastic handle: RM10.50. (But when the girl scanned through the barcode, it appears as RM10.55, I questioned her about it, and she refunded me the 5 cents haha =P) Actually my original plan was to buy another normal stainless steel comb, but I couldn't find any in Pet Safari, so I choose this.

After I used this comb, I find it quite nice. I just need to flip it over to change the comb size, and do not have to turn the entire comb over. Another good reason is, maybe I can find the old-stainless-steel-comb? So I do not have the same comb kekekeke... FYI, this is not the first time I lost a comb, and I found it about weeks later after we got a new one HAHA... that was a flea comb, more suitable to use when she was a puppy, or fine detailing now.

And I got her some treats. 2 packs of Salmon Snack, 1 pack of Pacific Whiting (both kinds is 100% dried wild pacific salmon and dried Pacific Whiting), a Canada product. I hope this kind of treats is natural enough for my sensitive Sushi, until I get a toy-toy like Nezu owned.

Hey, these treats are not cheap! One pack RM7.50, and there are in 25gm each pack. Yes, you read it correctly, RM7.50 for TWENTY FIVE GRAMS. But if you see it this way, the weight of the dry food is about 20-30% of the weigh of the food in fresh... think it that way may feel better LOL... Nezu if you are reading, when are you going to do me some favor with your toy-toy XD… but I am not opening these until Chinese New Year. These are for her as a celebration, and also as a show off tools. Not going to let the people feed any peanuts to my Sushi!

My cousin fed her Shih Tzu with roasted peanuts, lots of them during our previous family gathering. I kept ask her to stop feeding, but there are about 3 little cousin girls that keep feed and feed and feed, and I get tired stopping them. What can I do when the owner don't really care? Or she doesn’t really understand about healthy or not. SAD!! I wished all people are more willing to learn and listen, study and research for their dogs good.

For Xiao Bai:
Back 2 Basics bedding
Actually I was seeking for Breeder Celect but cannot find any, so I took Back 2 Basics, since they are actually same thing, in different shapes. This palette bedding is so nice to use. Reduced odors a lot, comparing to wood shavings. Bye Bye wood shavings!

Prestige Hamster Nature
Mom called, and asked me to buy food for XB, and I asked her, “uh finished dy meh?” She said almost! Ok, I remembered I left about 300gm food for her to feed XB and I took the remaining (about 300gm too) along with me for XX. There are about 150gm left still for XX, and almost finished for XB? XB is such a big eater? Ok, so not to starve XB, I bought another pack of Prestige Hamster Nature. Actually I was tempted to buy Harry Hamster for a changed of taste. Suddenly, came a thought, XB maybe don’t like it, so I still grabbed the Prestige after second thought. When I reached home, I still find about 100gm of food for XB. Mom is just exaggerating =___=

(I will upload pictures later after I take them, its late now and the big pack of bedding is in the garage)

You may asked, nothing for Miki? Haha, she will gets the dried fish too, IF I get to see her before they are finished! Else, I will just buy some others for her by then ^_^

Hmm, I am kinda long gas tonight =P Is it a good thing?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Accident & Updates

I would like to update blog earlier, but I had some minor accident (I knocked my head and had 2 stitches, not telling you where it is haha…) and I have been resting for days. I’m not going to talk more about that, not something worth celebrating LOL. Don’t ask me! I’m not going to tell =P No matter what.

So, let me update about today before I updates what have passed for the week. First, me, I went for another check up at the clinic today, and got myself for some antibiotic. And the doctor cleans my wound. And that she took away my RM38. I wonder how much is her consultation fees, as she did not itemized in her bill.

And when I was away to the clinic and lunch with my kaijie and her sister, my mom called. She called my kaijie’s sister because I and my kaijie didn’t realize our phone rang. When she hangs up, she told me “Hey, your mom says your daughter is hungry, ask you faster go home and feed her”… and I answered, “Nevermind lah, it’s only 1pm, sometimes I fed her about 3pm”. At this moment, one auntie that was sitting at the same table (friends of the sister) gave a shocking face and asked me, “You never fixed a time to feed her?” At this moment, I guess she thought the “daughter” my mom was talking about is a human-girl, so I simply told her, “It’s a dog”. Both my kaijie and the sister were laughing so badly, and the auntie giving black face…. I don’t know whether I should join in the laugh or what, I just smiled hahaaha =P

BTW, don't think that I am cruel to feed my dogs at 3pm instead of 1pm for lunch. I do not specifically set their meal time. This is to prevent they act like alarm clock to ask for meals. Dogs that are feed on time daily tends to know the meal time eventually. They will be making lots of noise if you are late giving them their meal for the day. So far, my girls never complain if I give them food late, especially Miki. She eats when she happy. As for Sushi, as long as she doesn’t smell any food, she is ok. If I prepared her food but not feeding her yet (I put on the table), she will be guarding her bowl, not moving anywhere until I feed her.

Photos of the day:

She is kinda messy, need a nice bath tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am back in Mentakab already. And I forgot to bring back her Cameron-Vege-Puree, so I gotta go and shop for some greens tomorrow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back! Cameron Vege Puree~

Yay, I am back from my Cameron trip! Actually I reached on Sunday night, but I was too tired to update my blog earlier. Didn't really had a nice sleep in Cameron because the doggies barks suddenly in the middle of the night, and Sushi growling at them hahaha :) So I had quite some sleeps yesterday and today. I will update the Cameron trip later hopefully tomorrow, and more when I get the pictures from Sinv, because I don't take a lot pictures.

Today, I made a new vegetable puree for Sushi, with the vegetables I bought from Cameron. They are very fresh. This is only part of it, because the rest are for the hoo-mans consumption ^_^:

The greenish purple is spinach, according to the seller. Seldom see it in the market. Usually I saw only green spinach. I blended all of them and becomes something kinda yucky *for me* but smells great.

Hmm, only so little puree... I think this can last about 2 weeks. Guess what? Both Miki and Sushi loves licking it just like that!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Personal Masseur cum Best Friend?

Let me update this before I am away for the weekend. I am trying my best to update regularly, but sometimes just can't. But hopefully I can at least keep up with the current pace.

Sushi's Personal Masseur Part II

Trying a more advance "befriending" a hamster and a dog :p Same as the previous, Sushi just guai guai lay down and let XX crawl her. Actually we put XX on top of her la.. even when XX accidentally drop near her mouth, Sushi also doesn't moves LOL.

You may think that Sushi is afraid of XX, but I don't think that is the way. When XX is in the tank, Sushi will scratch the tank trying to play with XX. But if I put XX walking on the floor, Sushi will just lay down and watch. Nezu says, "maybe Sushi know that she will hurt XX, so she just lay down and watch. But if XX in tank, Sushi know she can't hurt XX, so she try to scratch the tank playing with her." After Nezu said so, I think and think... maybe Sushi really that clever?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Evening At The Park

2 days ago (Monday) we brought Miki and Sushi to a park. This park is a little bit further from the place we stay, because the nearby park is usually pack with people.

When we reached there, there was a Indian family. We spotted some Malays too, but they were in the other area.

Sushi was very welcomed by the Indian family. See this, they are molesting my Sushi:

Close Up:

But one of the kid is afraid of Miki, and he ran, so Miki chased him. Miki gotta be on leash because of that.

Following are the pictures of Sushi & Miki enjoying their evening:

Sushi: This place looks fun!

Sushi: Teehee... mommy say no leash!

Miki: Can I run over there?

I wanna play the swing!

Sushi: This grass is comfy!

Miki: Tired...

Sushi: I am so happy!

Sushi: Show you my long tongue

Mommy: Sushi, say cheese!

Zooooom Up:

Mommy: Sushi, smile somemore, take a better shot!
Sushi: Hmm, what is Miki doing there?

Mommy: Sushi, mommy said, see here!
Sushi: =( Faster la...

This Sushi is not co-operating at all when taking pictures!

It was so much fun! Must bring them to the park again soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sushi's Personal Masseur

Its a surprise Sushi can tolerate XX so well :) And XX enjoy scratching Sushi's back :p

Sushi is such a sweetie =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

XX's tank cleaning

Yesterday, cleaned XX's tank, and my kpoh girls non-stop peeping at XX.

The tank without bedding :)

All done! Oh forget about her water bottle :p And I think I need to get a bigger wheel for her someday too ^_^

BaaPii Grooming Miki

Its been abbout two weeks since Miki bathed. It was 29 November, the date Jason groomed her. Miki was so smelly, and I urge bf to bath her.

So, it was 1am, we came back from our regular mamak visit, he brings Miki to our "grooming table" and start working with her! Bf said, just groom Miki once more because her fur grow longer liao. I shaked head but I did not bother, because I was not the one who did the job.

As you can see, a lot fur got cut. :p Miki's fur just grow so fast! It was just two weeks ago since last full groom. Actually can last about a month, just that bf hand itchy.. guess he is addicted to grooming. Me too =)

So I k-po-ing taking pictures, and bf said, come you groom the eye brow. Haha.. so I just take the scissors and cut here cut there, use the thinning shears cut here cut there for fun. It was fun.

All these are the picture of progress. We did not bath Miki before the full groom, so cannot comb her into pretty fluffy legs.

Miki: See, baapii gotta do the clean up and mommy oni know how to snap snap snap..

Its done for the day, and I gotta vacuum the whole house, not because of the grooming session, its because its very dirty already. I just keep postponed it till today, and I skipped the mopping part. Tooo tired, and forgot to take Miki's picture after blow dry. Oh well, next time then.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Miki Full Groom

Last week when I was away to KL, I asked Jason come over my place to give Miki a full groom (29 November 2008). Jason is a new groomer so must give him a chance to show his skill!

I'll let you all judge his skill :) Sorry for the bad picture quality, was using the phone camera.

He is a patient and nice guy. He will make sure your dog won't bleed when he cut their nails... unless you tell him, cut till bleed!

I love Miki's leg after grooming, it is sooo soooo fluffy ^_^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad Sushi

Just reach home from my dinner, I was mad when I saw Miki's bowl is empty... because Sushi's stomach is ROUNDED FULL! She ate Miki's kibble!!! @#$%^&* Usually Sushi will not enter Miki's "territory" but she did, and emptied Miki's bowl!!! She kena scold gao gao. Told her don't look for me if she itchy tomorrow or later.

I even asked her, I giving you so delicious food, yet you still want to curi kibbles. HUMF! Must lock the gate every now and then.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back Blogging!

I was away to KL for about a week plus, and I couldn't be blogging... *sob* *sob* I am back online since Sunday, but I just get back to myself today. Reaching here at bf place, is like turning myself into a maid. Now all of them are sleeping, bf, Miki, Sushi, XX alllll asleep. I did not bring XB along with me, I left her back in Pahang to accompany my mom. I need sometime to upload the pictures from the phones. My camera is half dead and previously I was using my mom's camera.

So, what I have been doing for the past weeks? I made 6 pet beds, delivered last Friday *if I am not mistaken*. And brought Sushi for her yearly jab. She had the 10 in 1 (the basic 9 + pneumodog (kernel cough)) at Brickfield Veterinary Medical Centre. For the first time, we are the only customer during our visits. Most of the other regulars going to Gasing Vet Hospitals (their newly opened Hospitals). We went back to Brickfield, because Sushi's vet is there that day.

Oh my, I get so stucked blogging today. Need to clog up a bit. Catch up later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My new BED!

Today, mommy was busy sewing and don't bother me and Miki at all. At first I was so mad because she is not playing with me. Finally I found out what she was doing! I got my new bed!

Actually my bed disappeared for about a week already. Don't know where it gone. But never mind, I got my new bed now! Wee~

Mommy: I tear the old bed apart because it was too dirty, and recycle the polyester for her new bed.

Let me test my new bed:

Wow, its so comfy!

And mommy non-stop snapping my pictures. This bed is just so tasty nice!

Yawnz... Mommy, I feel like sleeping...

Hmm.. what should I do now?


Mommy, I want to sleep! Stop snapping my picture!

This mommy is annoying. The flashy things are disturbing my eyes!

But this bed is real comfy... I shall just sleep.

Not long after that, mommy shoo me away, and she put the bed in the cage. So what I did next? I run to the cage and sleep!

Ask mommy don't disturb me!

I tell you, Miki jealous with my new bed!

What is she jealous about? She got TWO bed back in baapii's place. And this is my only bed.

This bed is just too comfy. Do you have one?