Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Da Park Again!

Mommy brought us to park again yesterday. Miki not with us, she gone to stay with kai yeh and kai ma =P So only me and stupid Lexus.

You know what happened in the park yesterday? Got people say Lexus is MIX! Wahhahaha... yeah yeah!!! Lexus is mix dog mix dog! And somemore, the cleaner said Lexus is kambing!! Wahahhaha kambing Lexus!

Lexus: Shut up la u nosy girl!

Ok, let's enjoy the photos, although you might feel there is nothing special, just almost same like previous park photos.. but oh well, people said I am not updating my blog! I have to do something!

Tired Lexus...

Lexus get caught to stay still on the rock for mommy to take photo! Look how fat he is!

Weird running Mix Kambing =X


Pose, Pose!

What is that!?

Long tongue Mix Kambing =X

Messy me!

Both of us on the same ol-chair each time we go to Desa Park City!

FYI, Lexus's grooming is scheduled on 3rd July 2009... TAHAN!! Just few more weeks to go! Don't complain why mommy don't wanna groom Lexus ok! He has to wait until July 3rd =)

Me in Tangles!

Hi all!! Who had been missing me? I know many of you missed me muchie muchie! All is mommy's fault. No need to explain about me missing in action. Go question my mommy!

I'll show you me in TANGLES! Thanks to mommy who make me wear the stupid shirt for one whole day + overnight, and make me feel uncomfortable, so I scratch scratch and scratch! Ended up, I have to stay still for mommy to detangle me!

See, the left side is my tangles, and the right side had been de-tangled. The tangles in this picture is only 20% of the original tangles on my body. I was alllllll tangled from head to toe! Mommy gotta love me muchie muchie when she removed my shirt earlier keke..

After one and a half episode of movie, I am all pretty again!