Friday, November 21, 2008

My new clip!

Me me, Me is SuuuuShhhiiiii!

PoPohhhh bought me some new clips! Pretty pretty!

Mommy say don't want to open first =( I want to try new clip.. I WANT! Please someone tell mommy I want try new clip?

Baapii supposed to reach today, but something happened.. too bad.. I want to see Miki...


WiLLie said...

y ur mommy dun let u wear? ur clips so nice..if jie jie clip my hair i will juz put the clip in my mouth n walk away silently..

yenlu said...

Mommy say I still got many clip, and I also not going anywhere, she say use new clip when go gaigai. At home use old clip, because I love to run here and there, sometimes the clip fall off from my head and I will also put into my mouth, but I won't eat it la...^_^