Friday, November 7, 2008

Bathing Time!

Sushi is on heat, hence she has some strong odor at her back. Anyway, her last bath was last Friday, and its a week ago :) So I grab her for a nice bath :)

After towel dried, I let her go loose.. and the first thing she did was to run into her bed and keep digging it... I read somewhere that dogs don't like we wash off their natural smell, so they will roll into every places trying to get her own smell back.

Drying time now... she looks so sad, oh she hates the blower!

Sushi: MaMie.. can we skip the blower?

20 mins later, tadah! My pretty Sushi is all dried!

Sushi: MaMie.. are we done yet?

Sushi: MaMie.. when can I go down?

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