Sunday, May 10, 2009

Win Win n Lexus

Mommy and WinWin's mommy was trying to make them like a couple! But hoh, Lexus don't know how to kao lui one!

This is the best shot so far, lets see if WinWin's mommy/daddy got a better pic?

Desa Parkcity

Mommy brought us to Desa Parkcity! Some random photos of US three :) All of us showing our LONG TONGUE because its soooo hot!! Its fun there, and I heard mommy is going to bring us there more often!

Lexus: Hey, xiao poh Sushi, I thought I heard mommy said won't bring you to park anymore?!
Sushi: Ya ya.. tell mommy don't bring you go!

Miki New HairCut?



Mommy also sot sot geh... Miki's fur also not enough long to keep for horse cut.. her "horse hair" so short, now looks funny!!! Need to wait at least another month or two for Miki to grow her "horse hair"!

And someone please tell mommy her photography skill is REAL BAD! She need a new camera!

Miki: Sushi is very noisy, she always complaining!!!

Love Mommy

I TELL YOU WHAT!! Its a MONTH since my last post.... not my fault! Its mommy's!!!!! She ah.. always sit at the computer don't let me use! And when she not around I also cannot use because I haven't learn how to switch on the computer :p

Oh well, today is mother's day, I better don't complain so much, else ah, mommy sure don't want sayang me already.

But then ah, I know she very sayang us one.. see what she bought for ME? *us*

This one was bought last week:

Tell me how I don't love mommy????

P/S: The Addiction Raw Dehydrated its real YUMMMMMMY!!