Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baapii is here!

Me is Sushi... Baapii is here, Miki is here! Baapii bought me some nice buffallllo meat, super duper fresh. I had that for my dinner tonight. So yummy yumm yumm!! And Miki today eat the fresh opened pack of Innova, I also steal a few and eat. They say, stolen goods always taste nicer, but I still think my homecook meal the best, yummm! Thank you mommy!

And and.. baapii bought a big pack of guavas! Then popoh gave me some. So sweeeeet and nice! Oh baapii bring me so much goodies.. so fun!

But there is one thing that is no fun, he also bought the white pill thing, he force me to swallow it. Mommy say it is don't know what thing for my heart (mommy: ProHeart Heartworm Prevention Pill). Miki also have to eat one. We gotta eat this little white thing every month. I hate it! I always try to spit, but if I spit baapii will hit me. So pity..

Me whole day busy playing chasing with Miki, mommy said camera no battery, so cannot take picture. She say tomorrow only update our pictures. Ok, that's for it for today. Tomorrow going to blog more!

I'm going to play police and thief with Miki, for sure I am the thief! I want Miki to chase me!

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