Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Naughty Sushi

Ok, lets officially start this blog off with the real first post :p

Well, never imagined that my "first post" is something sooo sooo mad. My Sushi becomes a CAT!

Today, my mom cooked kembung fish and along with 2 other dishes which includes pork and veges. We have a habit dining at our coffee table in the living hall. So mom leaves the dishes on the coffee table for like few seconds, and we found the CAT stealing the fish! She already "tam" the fish onto the floor, whole mouth sooo oily... I was so mad and I caught her and whack her so many times... but she did not cry or whine or runaway.. the only thing is, my palm was so red.

Haiz... then I pushed her away cause I was mad at her... but she kept coming back to me and cuddled me, I pushed her away few times she still came to me and cuddled me. I feel so funny because she so teh bao. I pushed her one last time but slightly harder, and she slides away... then she did not come back to me :( but she went and hide in one corner. Haha, should know that I am super angry.

After that I ignore her, and she also dare not follow me, where usually she always sticks to me. After I finished my dinner, she still doesn’t want to come to me. Then I calls her, she rushed to me and cuddle me again LOL... sure very happy when I ask her to come and sayang her.

I think I know the reason she grabbing the fish but not the other dishes. This is not the first time we left the food unattended, but we have no trouble with her before. I am feeding Sushi homecook food, and I fed her kembung fish before. I realized that whatever she eaten before she thought she can eat even though it’s my dinner. For example, steamed chicken. Her version is without salt, but for our dinner, it is salty steamed chicken. But I bet she couldn't differentiate between salt or unsalted, as long as its steamed chicken, she will ask for it. And the kembung fish I fed before was steamed, and the one is fried tonight... and sure she thought as long as its fish, its mine.

SS: Mom, the fish smells so tasty ma...


3ggNurs3 said...

I can see that you are really angry about this...But what u said is correct though...Sushi can't differentiate it...hehe

yenlu said...

Haha.. yalor.. but luckily she didn't eat la.. just "tam" and put on floor..