Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sushi New Hair Style!

Today, my manager came to find me. She did not asked me about my job performance *phew* she came with her sister (my kai jie) and we had a nice chat. And of course we wouldn't forget to ask Sushi to show off! As usual, Sushi's best trick, the "dor jie" (thank you).. Sushi kept on performing this trick to ask for the treat :P

Later then, my kai jie did a new hair style for Sushi!

Close Up:

She did a great job yah? She told me this is the first time she did on dog's hair :)

Actually this is not the first time we did braided hair on Sushi. My mom did it on her before, but after today, we realized that Sushi's hair really grew a lot :)

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