Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unique Sleeping Style

Miki has a lot of cute sleeping style. Here is one of it:

With the stomach stick to the wall ^_^

Will update more of photos after I slowly transfer the photos from bf's phone.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tam Ciak Sushi

Sushi is very greedy. She is on homecook food diet, and I do not give her kibbles. There is once that she steals Miki's kibbles for one meal, and end up she threw up yellow bile. So scary XD That's why I caged Miki when she is eating.

See Sushi's greedy face:

Just can't let her take more kibbles, don't want her to throw up again.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bone Bone!

Just made a bone for Miki.. and see how she enjoys it!

My Miki just loves soft toys... and Sushi will keep chase after her!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Green Day!

Today, we had kailan as our dinner. XB and XX also had their share!

XB rushed to the leaves and biting non stop:

And as usual, the lady XX walks slowly towards her share:

Wonder how to make XX more greedy. I have bought her multivitamins to increase her appetite, but it seems not helping a lot yet. But she is already growing in size!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The House Guard

Recently, we got a house guard. She will stay there for so long, almost whenever nobody was entertaining her.

This is her frequent pose:

Or when she is tired (tired pose):

When a cat pass by, all household members will shocked!

A great house guard indeed!

P/S: Agnes, you see the red toy that you gave me, but Miki saw and snatch it away.. so I have to erm.. give her "willingly".

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Say Cheese!

This afternoon, suddenly mommy was shouting "Sushi! Miki! Come!", I thought mommy want to give us treat. So I rush to mommy as quickly as possible. I want to grab the first bite, cannot let Miki win. But when I found mommy, I saw her holding the stupid flashy thingy (camera), and no treats on her hand! I was soooo disappointed. Mommy even asked us to "pah dei" (down trick)... so I just follow her order guai guai.

Miki was very bad. She doesn't want to listen to mommy's order. She took so long just to pah dei. I waited so long for her to complete the order. You see I was so boring waiting her!

Then mommy said "girls, smiles a bit?"

Mommy don't understand, it is not fun at all.. I don't want to pah dei beside Miki. Somemore I don't think Miki is photogenic at all. She was so messy, look at her eye brows!

But mommy insisted. Haiz, no choice, so I just tolerate a bit. OMG Miki is smiling already, I also need to smile, if not later mommy don't sayang me! Gotta show my best look!

Can you see my pretty face? I know I am pretty ^_^ But mommy still say "smiles somemore".................. what mommy want?

See I also sayang mommy, I smile even sweeter and Miki smiles even sillier.. -___-

Miki: Stop complaining or I bite you!

As if I scare? I will bite Miki in return! And because of my mumbling and nagging, finally mommy took my solo photo. Mommy love me, me love mommy too!

Mommy: Actually, Miki walked away, because I asked them stay there too long, so I got no choice but to take Sushi's solo photo LOL, don't tell Sushi ya!

Sushi Reporting!

Hi, its me again.... Miss cutie SUSHI!

Mommy say its confusing since I write in this blog too. So she asked me to use an avatar to represent the post that is written by me. So whenever you see my face first, then you will know is me reporting! Just like this post.

^_^ I love blogging!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pet Esthe (MUD) Shampoo

I got this samples for awhile now, but left with bf, so he brought over for me few days back.

Here they are:

From left: Pet Esthe (MUD) Keep for Volume Up, Pet Esthe (MUD) Shampoo For Low-Stimulating Puppies, Pet Esthe (MUD) Shampoo For White-Haired Dogs, and Pet Esthe (MUD) Keep for Volume Up.

I was asking for Mud sample, because it is hypoallergenic, for my Sushi, because Sushi has kinda allergy skin. However, the one that I actually requested for sample is out of stock. And the girl recommends me to try the puppy version. She says puppy is even milder, and is even better for dogs with skin allergy. As for White-Haired dogs, I just ask for it too, because she says they only have "puppy & white haired dogs" sample left. Yeah, me greedy! The Keep for Volume Up, according to the girl, is a conditioner. They also have the Keep for Volume Down, but I chose Up Up because I want my girl to become fluffier!

Ok, so yesterday I tried this Puppies + Up Up for Sushi. The smell is great. Not so strong like the Pet Esthe professional series. I heard a lot commented that Pet Esthe carries very strong and sharp smell, but this Mud series is very mild. The smells is not strong, a comfortable smell for me. As for the Up Up, it is not soapy or silky like the normal conditioner that I have tried. It does not condition the fur like conditioner. Usually if I use conditioner on Sushi, I can comb her fur very easy, and very little tangle after bath. However, Up Up do not condition the fur, I don't know what it does to the fur.

So after dried up Sushi, as usual she will cuddle me, I like the feel of it. Her fur is very soft! The smell is also nice. Not bad ^_^

Well, I have just bathed her once with the sample, and this is how much I used:

The two bottles on the left is the one I tested. (Same placement with the above picture) Compare with the two on the right.. that is not yet opened. Oh my.. I guess these samples will last me for hmm... at least 2-3 months?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miki meets XB

Eh eh, what is this?

Oh.. XB ah.. XB what you doing? Wake up lah...

Hmm.. XB sleeps so soundly... can I kiss her?

Eh! I think I wakes XB..

Hmm.. XB cannot come out lah... =(

Why mommy don't let me play with XB? So sad....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baapii is here!

Me is Sushi... Baapii is here, Miki is here! Baapii bought me some nice buffallllo meat, super duper fresh. I had that for my dinner tonight. So yummy yumm yumm!! And Miki today eat the fresh opened pack of Innova, I also steal a few and eat. They say, stolen goods always taste nicer, but I still think my homecook meal the best, yummm! Thank you mommy!

And and.. baapii bought a big pack of guavas! Then popoh gave me some. So sweeeeet and nice! Oh baapii bring me so much goodies.. so fun!

But there is one thing that is no fun, he also bought the white pill thing, he force me to swallow it. Mommy say it is don't know what thing for my heart (mommy: ProHeart Heartworm Prevention Pill). Miki also have to eat one. We gotta eat this little white thing every month. I hate it! I always try to spit, but if I spit baapii will hit me. So pity..

Me whole day busy playing chasing with Miki, mommy said camera no battery, so cannot take picture. She say tomorrow only update our pictures. Ok, that's for it for today. Tomorrow going to blog more!

I'm going to play police and thief with Miki, for sure I am the thief! I want Miki to chase me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My new clip!

Me me, Me is SuuuuShhhiiiii!

PoPohhhh bought me some new clips! Pretty pretty!

Mommy say don't want to open first =( I want to try new clip.. I WANT! Please someone tell mommy I want try new clip?

Baapii supposed to reach today, but something happened.. too bad.. I want to see Miki...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yoghurt Sherbet

Today, I am going to share how I made Yoghurt Sherbet, one that is similar to the Mango Sherbet Sushi had the other day.

Actually it is super super easy.

1 mango, 1 apple, 1 rose apple (jambu air), 1 guava, yoghurt (I added in 3 table spoon)

Blend all the above fruits into super watery smooth and add in yoghurt. And then freeze into ice cube :D Sushi loves it a lot! *I also likes to eat it*

Oh of course you can substitute with any kind of fruits, even only one kind. It is an excellent treat for a hot day!

The above is my first batch of Yoghurt Sherbet. The one that Sushi had the other day is second batch. The process is same, just that I used Mango, Fuji Apple, Pear and Guava. Sure yumm yumm!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sushi Ban Leng Leng

Hi, I'm Sushi here reporting ^_^

Actually I thought baapii is coming today, but don't know why till now I still don't see him. Mommy says, he will only be here in 2-3 more days. Haihz... why he don't come earlier? I miss him ma...

Don't know what is in mommy's mind, she combs me so long today. At first she uses the yellow clip on my hair, later she say, yellow not nice, then change to blue clip.

Do you think blue clip looks nicer?

Seriously I don't think so, I love pink more! But the blue clip doesn’t last long on my head, because a minute later, mommy say, “Come, I tie your hair”. It is been so long since I had my hair tied, because mommy says if she ties my hair often, my hairs will break a lot. So she just uses clips on me. Sometimes she uses about 3 clips on my head! This is how my hair clips look likes:

See, mommy just tie my hair again!

Am I pretty?

I know I am ^_^

Mommy took this video 4 months back, showing how she tie my hair. Have a look if you are free! And see how much hair I grown since then?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Xiao Xiao's fur changed?

Ok, the mommy back to blogging LOL =)

The more XX grow, the more greyish she seems to be. She was quite white during baby time, and now, she is about 3 months old, look at her fur colour:

She has some cute marking there :) Even some said she is a "Husky" because of her face marking.

That video was taken when she was 2 months plus. I am glad that she is getting bigger already. Notice the head part? The grey marking on top of her head makes her looks like a husky :p She is not that scare of me already. However, she still eat a lot lesser comparing XB. XB is a real big eater!

Right now, their diet is Prestige, Briter Bunny, fresh foods & veges, Vegetarian Powder supplement, Nutri-Smoothie and organic mix nuts & fruits, LC-Vit supplement too =) Occasionally, I gave them Orijen (dog kibbles) for protein supplement ^_^

I start to think how come all my pets get all sorts of healthy food, where I had my McD lunch earlier?


Monday, November 17, 2008

My chicken and mango sheeeeeerbet!

Hi hi, its still Sushi here.. mommy still lazy.. she said since I blogged yesterday, she ask me blog again today. Wee..~

Going to share what is my dinner tonight:

Mommy bought a whole organic chicken, but only this is left for me:

Only the chicken breast... =( I haven't taste a drumstick yet! Mommy washed them and then steamed the chicken for me.

This is how it looks like after it is done:

I told mommy actually she can just give me the entire piece, but then she said this is going to last for 2 days meal for me! Oh well.. I don't bother as long as I got my chicken!

Then mommy tear and cut the chicken into pieces for me. She thought I don't have teeth to bite?

But I know why she did that, because she going to mix the chicken with my brown rice. She afraid that I will only choose the chicken and not taking the rice! But she was wrong.. plain brown rice was tasty too!

Eh, mommy forget to take the picture of my chicken rice meal lah.. its all in my tummy now.. so full! yummm!

Oh yah, earlier today, I got to taste the Mango Sherbet that mommy made earlier. It is so sweeeet and tasty! Should ask mommy to blog about this tasty thing!

Oh no, didn't know mommy took my photo before I am going to taste my sherbet! I look so ugly :( The following picture is even uglier!! My mouth is all wet after that!

But teehee... it was real yummy! XX and XB also got their share of this sherbet :P Yummmm!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sushi complains...

Hi, I am Sushi.. don't know why mommy don't have the mood to update the blog. I asked her to play with me, she also don't want!! I'm so sad.. nobody plays with me. From morning I am waiting for my meal, and after I have my meal, I wait for my next meal, so on and so forth. I think I am getting fatter without Miki around. Miki always make me chase her, because she always snatches the toys! Sometimes I hate her because she won't let me have her toys. She even grab mine.. humf! But now she is not here, I miss her..

Wonder if mamie going to give me any yoghurt today.. bet not? But luckily I got some guava earlier, popoh gimme... very sweet!

Oh well, guess I gonna entertain my own, looking at the mini-white (Xiao Xiao) running the wheel. What is so fun with the wheel? Do they have one big size that can fit me in? Popoh said I am getting fat... :(

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yoghurt with Fuji Apple

I don't know since when Sushi doesn't likes the apple anymore. But my mom bought the Fuji apple for her. It is gonna be a waste if Sushi doesn't eat! Me and mom doesn't fancy apple much. So I decided to make Yoghurt with Fuji Apple for Sushi:

Here are the apple cubes:

And then I add this yoghurt (about one tablespoon), Sushi loves this yoghurt a lot:

and mix them well together:

So now I got a yoghurt apple mix, I gave Sushi a piece of apple with yoghurt dip to test if she will eat.. oh my she just lick away the yoghurt and "puih" the apple to the floor... -___- *sweat*

So I take a fork and press the apple cubes into smaller pieces and give the entire bowl of yoghurt apple mix to Sushi. Within a minutes, all its gone!


Sushi: yummmm yumm... anymore?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sushi New Hair Style!

Today, my manager came to find me. She did not asked me about my job performance *phew* she came with her sister (my kai jie) and we had a nice chat. And of course we wouldn't forget to ask Sushi to show off! As usual, Sushi's best trick, the "dor jie" (thank you).. Sushi kept on performing this trick to ask for the treat :P

Later then, my kai jie did a new hair style for Sushi!

Close Up:

She did a great job yah? She told me this is the first time she did on dog's hair :)

Actually this is not the first time we did braided hair on Sushi. My mom did it on her before, but after today, we realized that Sushi's hair really grew a lot :)

Green Purees

Today.. hmm what I did today? Oh yah I went to the supermarket and bought some vegetables. Today I got Mustard Green (Sawi Hijau) and Local Spinach... the popeye the sailorman spinach haha.. :)

I still do not have the blogging habit yet, because if I do, I am sure I will snap a picture the fresh vegetables I bought. But oh well, both of them are blended into purees, and now I turn them into ice cube. Aha.. I will show the ice cube..

one sec......*went to take photos*

half minute later... *cheh I thought I said one sec*

Hmm.. Wait ya uploading picture LOL.. Ok while uploading.. let's talk something else. Mom is complaining that I "hide" too much stuff in her fridge. She got no space for our hoo-man food, and she always mistake the tupperware of sushi's meal for our dinner. Luckily she loves Sushi, else she will non stop scolding me.

ok uploading done, here it is:

The green ice cube is the puree of spinach + mustard green. This is the puree I am adding into Sushi's daily meal. I switches the greens variety for her so she gets all sorts of different nutrients. I adding about 20-30% of greens into her meal. Its about 2-3 ice cubes. Oh yah, you see the orangy thing at the bottom? That's pumpkin. Pumpkin its for the vitamin A and carbohydrate, along with other vitamins. Good for constipation too :p You see I am putting everything into one container, because someone nag me using too much of the fridge space LOL...

Green leafy is strongly recommended for home cook meal, because they contain high calcium, fiber and other vitamins which is very important for a dog. Although some dog nutritionist say adding greens may be enough, but I will still give Sushi some calcium supplement. This is because we need to balance up the calcium:phosphorus ratio of a dog. A well balance ca:ph ratio for a dog is 1.2:1. Most meat is super high in phosphorus, about 8 times of the calcium. So, we need a lot of calcium to balance up the ca:ph ratio. Maybe I should blog on this topic some other day, because a lot of fact is needed for this ca:ph thing. I am not starting any calcium supplement right now because I am adding stuff into her meal slowly, not creating her upset stomach or allergy, just started with the flax meal.

I will be adding kelp into her meal too. Just ordered from the organic health store, it should be here next week. Oh dear.. she is eating so much healthier then me? What I get for dinner just now? Maggi Curry...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Treat Day!

This is the corn that mom bought that day, mom lazy to take them off the cob, so I suggested to put the entire cob in, since mom say just throw away?

Xiao Bai rushed to the corn and enjoy the feast!

Lazy Sushi

Sushi is very moody lately.. perhaps because she is on heat, or she missed Miki?

This is what she did all day long....