Saturday, January 24, 2009

My new dress for CNY =)

Halo... me Sushi greet everybody Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Today, I'm going to show you my new dress for CNY. This is it, a very red chinese style dress:

This is how it looks like when it is opened flat.

And this is how I looks like wearing it!

I looks soooo fat! Look at my chest! This is a size 4 dress. I am definately a size 3 girl, but mommy said the size 3 may looks short on me. She said she loves the dress cover me whole body. Mommy bought this dress online and I never got a chance to try before this. She said better buy bigger then smaller... but I looks so fat! Me no happy Sushi.

Mommy, Sushi not that fat :( *sob* How.. how... *cries*

Let me make a wish, let this dress become smaller....*make a wish, namo namo namo..*

Is it smaller yet?

No it is not... >_< urrghhhhh and mommy keep on taking me ugly pic... urrghhhh!!

Mom: Stop complaining, I put some magic dust on it, ok?"

Mommy, you should did that earlier! FASTER LA!!!!

Luckily mommy said she will help me put some magic dust on it. After awhile, mommy let me wear this dress again. Am I slimmer now?

What about this side?

I think the magic dust did a great job on my dress! Now I am proud to wear this out to take angpao! I wonder if they will give me any?


Santa said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Your red dress is so red like an angpow! What about Miki...any new clothes for CNY?

Sinv said...

Happy Chinese new year Sushi.

sushi size 3 same like my house boyboy woh.

Lu's Furkids said...

I'm prettier then Miki, that's why I got new dresss!!! LOL

Ya leh.. size 3 =)

Astrologer MP Sharma said...

This is really good. Nice post...