Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bone Bone

Few days ago, mommy was busy sewing and sewing. I don't know what she was doing so I try to kpoh. Whenever I try to get near, mommy say "OFF"... she don't let me get near.

Finally I know what she is doing! She is making bone bone! Lots of them! You see!

I was so happy, I thought all of them are mine! I tried to jump on them but mommy scold me!!! Finally, she say she give me one. This is mine!

Yeh yeh!

Mommy: Actually Sushi just wanna kpoh what I was making and she just want to play with me more then the toys. She never gets to get near any of those toys of course, because those are for my customers. After I gave her one, she bite awhile then set aside putting herself on my pillow. =___= Different case if I give one to Miki. She will sure play with it, till all the bone wet!


Sinv said...

yenlu, i thought why your mum making bone and ask u to "Off". Reading till the end only realized the mummy refers to u yourself. LOLX.

yenlu said...

Kaka.. you never read from begining.. Sushi say if she blog she put her picture first :P