Monday, January 12, 2009


Remember my head accident? It doesn't give me pain for awhile now, but now I am feeling it is so pain. The wound there is aching. No idea what's the cause. I guess I am feeling sick today. Feeling hot and cold, no energy and don't wanna leave the bed. Woke up 10am+ till now, I have never eaten anything. Mom tapao me my lunch, its still sitting there until now. I just don't have the appetite to eat. Guess somehow I need to swallow something, because I feel the need to take the pain killer. I hope there's nothing wrong with my head.

My mom scares me saying people die after 2 weeks they knocked their head........ touchwood LOL... if it ever happens then sayonara everyone ^_^ Hope someone will help me take care my kids.... ROFL..


3ggNurs3 said...

What's the head accident? Please take care~~~

WiLLie said...

dun think so much things now..take a good rest ^_^

Lu's Furkids said...

@agnes, I knocked my head LOL :P I am alright now. ^_^

@Willie, thanks for your concern!