Friday, January 2, 2009

Cameron Trip Part 1

It takes so long for me to blog about our Cameron trip. I was too lazy to upload the picture from my phone cameras, because I have to transfer one by one with the Bluetooth! Well, I did it finally, but there aren't a lot too. There are still some with bf's phone. Some photos I curi from Sinv, she blogs our Cameron trip too.

We went to Cameron on 19th December, night, and we were using the old route, that is very challenging at night. Result? Miki vomited. That is not something surprise, but Sushi also almost vomited, and that is a surprise.

When we reached Cameron at about 11pm, and we entered the apartment, waiting for Elsie and Sinv's gang to arrive. Both Miki and Sushi running here and there exploring the whole apartment. No pee-pooing. Just after a minute when the others arrive, Cooper, Amos and Boey... the pee-poo activities starts! All of them starts peeing and pooing... *sweat* Luckily most of the dogs are weepad trained, so we just placed the pad everywhere around the house to minimize the mess.

After awhile, my girls are placed on the sofa and are not allowed to go down, because the rest of the doggies is having their dinner. Look at Sushi's messy hair, she was so pretty at the beginning, and after the play she is like one siao char boh... She was been chasing by Amos.

Don't know why Amos is so attracted to Sushi, and they find it Cooper is neglected, because Amos changed his target? Amos did not scared at all, even Sushi barks angrily at him, telling him that she is not happy with his behavior. Amos will just siam for a few seconds and try another attempt to hump Sushi. His never give up attitude is really great!

Sushi barking at Amos, and notice the little Boey there?

Sushi standby to bark at Amos if he gets near:

And since Amos is busy with Sushi, so Cooper played with Miki:

We celebrated Elsie's bf birthday that night, not long after that all of us went to bed.

The next morning (actually afternoon, we all wakes up late), after the play chasing, marking, humping.. we went to have our lunch at one of the Restaurant in Brinchang.

The restaurant is dog-friendly, they owned a Shih Tzu, and keep ask us returned for steamboat dinner later. But we did not XD

After that we went to a Strawberry farm. We did not enter because there are a lot visitors. We just walked outside of the farm. The visitors keep pointing at our dogs. I heard comments like "eee, dia ikat rambut lar..." and "eee, macam bear!". All of us keep laughing at their comments, especially Amos-macam bear. There is one lady that took a group picture of us, telling us she will bring her dog on her next trip!

Pictures outside strawberry farm:

And we did a run down the hill! Oh Sushi just too slow :p

After the trip to strawberry farm, we went back to the apartment, because everybody seems tired. Perhaps because of the cooling weather.

But we did bring Sushi and Miki to the park at Tanah Rata. A lot kids there, so we did not bring them walking around the park. We just play around the cycling area.

Practising Stay Command outdoor:

Not long after that, it rains.. so we went back to the apartment. And after a short chitchat with the hoomans, and the dogs playing running and such, and of course Amos is still chasing after Sushi... all the hoomans went to bed, except Elsie's bf. I think he did not take a nap, since I saw him sitting outside alone when I wake up at 7pm?

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3ggNurs3 said...

haha...i like sushi stand by to bark pic...looks so serious....

Sinv said...

eh curi my photos.
why ur blog halfway?

yenlu said...

Part 1 ma.. to be continue... was curi-ing photo, editing and uploading some others LOL... later I sambung ler..