Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Curry for Sushi?

Today I cooked curry for Sushi. Hahahhaa..... you see!!

I cooked for 3 days portion somemore! The small bowl is one meal portion. Then I take out the portion for dinner tonight before I put everything else into the fridge.

Yes, I really cooked curry hahah, close up:

I should cooked a dry curry but I added too much water. Oh well, since she doesn't drink a lot, maybe its good to add more water into her body.

YES! This curry is for Sushi. I don't fake it kakakka.... Oh I also add some vege puree for her. But I am not showing that, because the colour maybe looks awkward for someone.... greenish curry.

Sushi licks her bowl clean!

Actually it is...pumpkin..

*disclaimer: Real Curry is never for dog*

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