Friday, January 9, 2009

Evening Walks

Mommy very lazy, she ask me to blog wor...

Few days ago, mommy bring me to the open area for a walk. I like it here because mommy let me walk off leash. So many things for me to explore.

I like to sniff around, at everythings!

Hey I heard something. What's that sound?

Sound like someone barking uh? But where is it?

Its not here...

Mommy, I want find that dog, don't ask me SIT!

Is it here? Let me sniff...

I heard it! Its over there!

When I just found out where is the dog that barks, mommy said lets go home! =( Cannot find that dog =( Nevermind.. I'll find him next time.

This is at the front of our house. A few kids are playing around and they keep pointing at me. Mommy let me out to play with them. All the kids afraid of me except this Indian girl. I am so lenglui they still afraid of me -___-

At least this little girl sayang me a lot!

Happy evening ^_^

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