Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Fruit

Mommmmmy still veli lazy lehhh....... nevermind, she lazy also good, so I got chance to blog.

Today, pohpoh went to her friend's orchard, and she bring home some rambutans and this!

What is that? Pohpoh said it is "Wong Kam Guo" as in Golden Fruits. Pohpoh let me tried some, it is soo tasty, but mommy says "yuccckkksssss, how come got milk taste?"... Mommy so stupid, she also don't know how to eat this yummy fruit!

When mommy was taking the picture of this fruit, I faster go and k-poh. I thought mommy wanna let me eat, who knows... she just snap a picture. Sigh... need wait pohpoh come home, then I must show her my pretty eyes, lure her to feed me Golden Fruits!


WiLLie said...

i nvr c before this fruit..
can i hav some?

Lu's Furkids said...

Come come!