Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whining Sushi

Today, as usual when I wake up and get out of the room, Sushi will follow by jumping off from the bed. Then, I just went to toilet and want to sleep again, because I slept at 7am, were still very sleepy. When I get back to bed, Sushi also follows. She then starts her teh-bao thing.

You need to on your speaker to hear she whine. Usually I don't let her up if she whine... I only let her up when she stop to whine. But today I was too sleepy, I just hug her up after I took that video. Oh yah, she is messy... because she also just wake up kakaka...

Actually she has the ability to jump up to my bed! I see once before! Early last week, after I bathed her, I put her on the floor, and she run back and forth all over the house, and into my room, and suddenly she jumped onto my bed! That is the one and only time I saw her jumping up to my bed. After that, even I try to lure her with food, she still don't able to jump up. Just keep whining like the above video. Few days back I bathed her again, and did the same thing, hoping she will jump up to my bed again... but too sad to say my experiment fail!

Oh Sushi... how can you learn to jump up the bed?

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