Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got 2 Swimmer Dogs

Actually I am home since yesterday, but was keep unpacking and cleaning... hate CNY. Who set the rules to do cleaning prior to CNY? Ok, stop whining.

We brought the girls to BU Park last Saturday evening. Let them run off-leashed, and they kept running chasing the birds around.

Both of them were very hyper chasing birds. When the birds flew over the lake, I'm not sure whether Miki realize about the lake or not, she followed the birds and she fell into the lake LOL............ and she still chasing the birds... swimming. We were too shock to take any of her swimming photos. I yelled at their daddy to rescue Miki, because I'm not sure if she can swim.

Just in less then 2 seconds Miki in the lake, Sushi follows and jump into the lake!!!! -__________- Well, Sushi was run towards Miki's direction and "runs" into the lake, and she stone there not moving LOL. She did not swim. I am not sure she was chasing the birds, or wanted to join Miki in the lake, because I did not pay attention to her that moment, was worrying Miki. Luckily Sushi is just near the land so I can just hugged her up. While Miki, she need to swim back on-shore LOL... she can swim! LOL...

It was way too funny seeing both of my dogs wet in the park. Since they are wet, we let them played in the water. Trying to put them back into the lake to swim but they refused. I guessed they are afraid now. Previously they don't know the brown "floor" is water.. now they know. Haha... so we got no choice but to wash them at the public toilet, to clear off the dirty water.

Shots after they are clean with tap water:

Sushi in the car...

We couldn't stop laughing for that.


Sinv said...

saw the subject i thought u brought them to beach. who knoes bu park. lol

Lu's Furkids said...

LOL... beach ka.. one day :) See how Elsie and her family enjoy at Rubie first :)

Santa said...

Wow, I'm so I wish my mummy would take me to the park!

Lu's Furkids said...

Why not? Just show her your eyes, she will melt down!