Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sushi's Favourite Toy

This is Sushi's favourite toy - Minnie. Being a favourite, of course it is kinda dirty :p

It has beany inside, and Sushi has never ripped Minnie off before, but Miki did. There was once I forget to keep Minnie away when Miki was around, Miki play with it, and then Minnie has a hole *sob* and some of the beany spill out. I quickly pick up as much as I could and put it back, and I repair Minnie. So basically Minnie is thinner now.

Bite bite bite...

Step on you! Sei mei...

And because Elsie posted about her happy-family, I dig out my not-so-happy-family to show her. There are a couple more, must be with Miki. I am not sure where are the rest. Therefore, they are not-so-happy-family squeaky toys.

Sushi loves the whale and the seagull, the fishy and bees are not so good shape to bite :p

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