Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peaceful Day

Nothing special happened today, I went out whole day doing my personal stuff, from the banks, to the pharmacies, to the accountant firm, to my customer's office, chit-chating, and finally went to the post office to mail out the bones.

When I get to the post office, the guy ask me, why so long never see me? I don't know how to answer XD I used to post a lot of things oversea, exchanging stuff with my oversea friends. I have cut those off a lot.. because budget not enough anymore LOL..

So Sushi is left alone at the house. When I reached home, she was so excited. Planned to bring her out for a walk, but too bad, there were the people spraying a lot of smoke (something to do with the mosquitoes that causes dengue). Its too smelly and not healthy to breathe in, so we stayed indoor.

Look at my sleeping girl... she must be super boring today, because I hadn't entertain her!

After I just published this post, I look at Sushi, she is in this position! So cute! So I must edit and post to show! She just dig her bed, so she is kinda messy XD


WiLLie said...

Sushi, i wan 2 share bed with u? can i?

yenlu said...

Sushi: as long as u dont pee here :P

eLsie Liew said...

so cute!