Monday, January 5, 2009

Cameron Trip Part II

Without further a due, I should quickly finish up the Part II of our Cameron trip. BTW this is the Part I.

Elsie's Version
Sinv's Version

Ok, where did I stop? Ok we went to the park at about 4pm, but it rains soon afterward and we went back to the apartment. Oh by the way, I missed one part, we went to Cactus park soon after our lunch in Brinchang.

We only carry Sushi out, and left Miki in the car. We are afraid Miki will bark from the begining to the end of our visit at the Cactus Farm. We don't stay long in Cactus Farm either, its about 20 minutes? I am not very sure.

Blur blur Sushi:

2 guys missing hmm...

Adventurous Sushi:

There should be a few more pictures but they are not with me now. If I ever find it, I will update in Part III haha :) I got a pic where Sushi sniffing the cactus. Very cute! Too bad if I lost the picture :(

Alright, back to the apartment after we went to the park, the doggies enjoy their play. Sushi learns that to stop Amos from humping, she gotta play with him!

Here we go, Amos famous dancing cha-cha stance with Sushi!

And poor Miki just sit aside doing her things:

Where finally she thought of communicating with Cooper:

Miki: Cooper, shall we play chase-chase?

Ok so all of we fall asleep till 7pm, and we head up to Strawberry Restaurant (I hope I get the name right, its just at the Kea Farm, pasar tani) to have our Steamboat Dinner. Sinv took a lot photos for our Steamboat dinner, but I wonder why she never post it?! Sinv?? Mana itu steamboat gambar? And we went to Pasar Malam. I guess hooman activities are not so fun to blog about haha...

Alright, back to the apartment, after a short chitchat, eating my jagung and Sushi whinning as usual, asking for one bite but she got no chance! But later on, all the doggies got to taste some of my cookies, I am glad they like it, and they finished all the 3 tupperwares of cookies that I brought over...

Trying to snatch some cookies:

The "adults" played the mahjong... not really adults as Sinv's little brother was also playing LOL.

Small kids like me *ehem* just looking from the back. I need to carry Sushi because Amos was trying his very best to chiong Sushi from me, end up I setup our playpen for my girls.

Miki also need to put in playpen because I'm tired to guard them.

Sushi must be too tired that she did not complain when I put her into playpen. All she did was straight to bed:

Not long afterwards, Miki joined Sushi, this photo is just so sweet!

When my girls are confined, its Amos's turn to whine LOL... but after awhile he gave up and also lay down. Must be a tired day for them!

Just some random pictures of my girls:

The next day, we woke up at erm... 10 something? or 11 something? I am not very sure now. We had sandwiches for breakfast and we packed our stuff. We headed to Kea Farm. Well, I brought some vegetables there, and also, this flower:

Elsie's gang went back earlier because she need to visit Rubie. But we went to Strawberry Restaurant to have our Steamboat Lunch... yeah steamboat again! All the food is same, except we got the local tofu, and not the white-tofu. And of course, 6 pax reduces to 2 pax.

Here are some of the steamboat photos:

Waiting waiting for the soup to boil...

Left: Chillies, Right: Tomyam Paste, to be added to the chicken soup base

The Dishes:

Time to eat!

After our lunch, we headed to another Strawberry farm, and we ate 2 boxes of Strawberry + Cream + Honey. While I am blogging here, I misses the Fresh Strawberrrriiieesss! We also dropped by the Tea Valley, and a place that sells Honey. Alright, as I mentioned earlier... hooooman activities are not that fun to blog!

So basically, that's end our Cameron trip with the furkids. My girls are so so so tired, they slept the whole journey back home. When I reach home... the first thing that came to my mind, WHY SO HOT!

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