Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sushi Taking Over

Start from 1st March, I (Sushi) will be in charge of this blog. Mommy is too busy sleeping, and she ask me to maintain the blog on her behalf.

I feel that this is an honor for me! And to celebrate this, I wanna change the layout of this blog! It needs to feature me more, since I am in charged! However, I will still be blogging about mommy's furkids (Lu's Furkids)... which includes me, my sisters and brother! Who is my brother? Stay tuned!

This is the picture at the top of this new layout.

The above picture was edited by mommy. The actual photo was taken after I did my basic grooming in Pets Icon. Do you see my little right hand near my muzzle? Mommy said it will looks a lot nicer if I did not place my hand there. But I find it cute!

I feel so refresh today! Will post more of my grooming pictures soon!


Santa said...

You have very nice pictures. Do you sit very still to pose for the camera? The human gets very annoyed with me because I do not like to pose for them.

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Sushi,

i agree with Santa, it is really a very nice picture! :]

best regards

Sushi said...

I need to stay still for mommy, if not she will angry.. but if she takes too long I will not wait for her.

Thanks to both vodka and santa ya!