Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty Miki!

Finally, Miki joined us to stay in this little cosy apartment! She will stay with us from now on =)

For those who don't know who is Miki, she is mom's first daughter. Her details as follow:

DOB: 2nd June 2007
Gender: Female
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour: Salt & Pepper

She is my elder sister, but she listen to me! Because I am mommy's girl =)

This is how she looks like during the first stay here, mommy already bathed her because she did not bath for 2 weeks! @@

Yesterday, mommy try to groom her because Miki is quite messy. Mommy said she is just trying, she haven't learn the proper cut for MS yet. I personally think she looks nice after groom =)

On the "grooming table"..

These, once belongs to Miki :)

Some random Miki's photos.. She don't likes to look at the camera!

Kepoh Lexus

Now, Miki and Lexus always fight for toys! I don't know what is so fun biting the rope... let them fight, I shall have my sleep!


Sinv said...

I think Miki all the while groom by ur mummy, only heard ur mummy send sushi for grooming :P

Sushi said...

No la... Miki went for grooming more then me. Cause mommy want me grow fur, so seldom send me to groom =P Miki went grooming more frequent.. and this time really all did by mommy =)

Santa said...

Hello Miki, nice to see you here. Me, too, don't like to look at the camera. Now there are 3 of you. It must be fun to have each other.

Sushi said...

I think Miki is having fun, because both of them keep fighting for toys :)