Monday, March 2, 2009

Grooming Pic

As promised, some of my grooming photos. It is boring on the table, and mommy thought I am a not-moving-toy, keep snapping my photos!

I look nice or not? My fur looks so soft right? Mommy says she don't know my fur is that long, because she seldom groom me on a table. She keep spread my fur like carpet on the table.

You see la, mommy took my photos till I fall asleep she also haven't finish.

Closing the eyes dy... but still need to maintain my pretty look!

Oh yah, the groomer is actually my mommy =) She is taking grooming course in Pets Icon.

BTW, today mommy very not in good mood. I know someone bully her but I don't know who. Anybody can teach me how to make her feel better? All I know is just kiss her... feel so bad can't help my mommy to feel better.


Santa said...

Give her lots and lots of wet licks all over her face!

Santa said...

Oh yes, Sushi's hair is so long. She is so pretty.

Sushi said...

But mommy push me away because she say she dirty & smelly... then she don't want to bath till very very late.. by then I already fall asleep.

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Sushi,

isnt it great having your mummy as your groomer?

i guess you doesnt need to do anything ... i think your mummy will be happy just by looking at your lovely face XD

best regards

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

That is so cool your Mom is doing a grooming course! She sure did a great job grooming you...=) Love the new header!


Sushi said...

Today mommy look at me also no smile... sigh...

@scottie.. I don't like going grooming! I hate blowing! HATE IT! But it is so nice to see mommy's satisfactory face, so I just let her do it then..