Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mommy Is Sad

Mommy is still unhappy today. She is so moody. When she reach home from her class, she didn't talk to me. Reach home just sit in front of the computer. After awhile I saw her started to cry. I don't know what happen. I wanted to kiss her but she don't wanna hug me up the chair. She just stares at the computer and cry. Then suddenly she ran to her bed, cover herself with blanket. I know she was still crying. I feel so sad seeing her like that. HELP!


Santa said...

Why so sad? Look at Sushi, she is such an adorable girl, doesn't that help? Just don't think too much about what made you sad but instead look at all those things that make you happy. Life is not just on that one thing, that make us sad, but lots of other things that can make us happy. Let's be happy!!!

Sushi said...

YL: Thank you so much! Yes.. I should looks forward for the better things in life. Thanks again..

Sinv said...

what happen?apasal cry to the computer?