Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something For Me

Today, mommy bought something for me. Normally I am very excited and happy if she buys me anythings. But this time, the thing she bought for me, I am not excited at all!

See! She bought this!

A stoooopid blower. I hate blowing! I don't like people blowing my hair. Mommy even said she actually wanted to buy the one like school... the power blower. Luckily she did not. This one already going to kill me... don't talk about the POWER ONE!

Mom: Get a powerful one, shorter time to blow you, so you no need suffer so long lor!

Mommy don't blow her hair, why do I need to blow uh? Anyway, I know I got no choice... I am mommy's girl...

This is how the actual blower looks like:

It got 2 speed and 2 temperature, 2200W. This one is used by professional in the salon. The hooooman one. Actually she wanted to buy a branded one, but when someone tells her "Branded one also made in China right?" then she laughs.. and end up she bought this one after trying it.

I don't look forward for my next bath session.

And she also bought this:

Wee wee pad... she bought TONNES of it...(I don't study maths, I don't know how much is "tonne") LOL... anyway, the stock can last for a year at least :P

If you don't know what is wee wee pad... it means my toilet. I pee & poo on it. I don't pee/poo anywhere else. Mommy said I am good girl, so I deserve her bed. If mommy remove my pad to somewhere else, I will still look for it and pee. If I look the entire house still can't find any pad, then I got no choice but to whine at mommy. If she not around, I will pee at the spot where mommy always put the pad. I am good girl, right?


Santa said...

Yenlu, this should be one thing that you should be happy...Sushi is so well-trained!

Sushi said...

Oh.. I am good girl of course :)

Yen Lu: Oh, she is always my baby girl. I am happy with her around me =) But that doesn't means I don't care my other furkids ya!

3ggNurs3 said...

Sushi....i think you would like to have "tonne" of food instead of wee wee pad rite? lolx

Sinv said...

where mummy buy u so much wee wee pad n for what?cheap sales?

Sushi said...

Mommy buy so much of course for me to POOOOOO nad PEEEEEEE lor.. whatelse leh? I don't eat them wor.. =)