Sunday, March 15, 2009

Central Park 15 March

Mom brought us 3 to the park yesterday. Chris jie say mommy so ambitious bringing us THREE alone... but to mom, she say she is just being fair, when she still have the energy to do so. I love her so much!

This is the few photos taken by other people, that mommy grab from the forum. Mommy took some of our photos too, but she is too tired to upload it tonight for me. I haven't learn how to upload it from the camera.

So, let's enjoy this photos first!

This is me and the GR I dislike. I keep bark at him/her. I don't feel that he/she is nice hmm.... and that's Lexus beside me.

This is Miki, and me & Lexus at the back. Miki gets quite a bit of attention too!

For the first time I feel Miki is so gorgeous! Which means, mommy's photography skills BAD! And that's Lexus's BUTT!

Here's one more.. while we were walking..

Hmm.. couldn't find a photo with Lexus face... he is not handsome enough to grab attention! He just know how to cheat for food from people!

Will update more once mommy load the photos.


♥玮倩 said...

Beautiful pictures! :]

best regards

Sushi said...

Thanks to the photographer :P

Sinv said...

Miki very photogenic. of cos sushi also lah but didn't see sushi's face too. Lexus..hehe only butt and tail. he got a long tail.

3ggNurs3 said...

sushi why you didn't mention boyboy in the last picture geh? you don't like him? =(

Sushi said...

Haha.. even they shoot my back also know its me.. because I so unique. I don't see anyone looks like me. But it seems a lot Lexus-look-alike. *perasan*

@agnes jie,
soli lor.. I just mention us 3 brother sisters.. I overlook dy.. so that is boyboy in the last photo, the one wearing shirt. And who is that smelling boyboy's butt?

eLsie Liew said...

wah go park ar!!'

Sushi said...

yes ah! FUN! I get to chase birdies...

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

That is so cool you got to play with so many doggies again, Sushi! Miki looks super happy as well from that third photo! *wink*


Sushi said...

Because its been long since she went outing like this. Of course she is happy :)