Monday, March 9, 2009

Da Salon

I guess most of our moms accompany us to the grooming centre aka our salon... some mother even wait at the centre till we get done! But definately not my mom.. she just dumped me with the groomers.. but now she will be the one that be grooming me, that's great! She won't dump me anymore.

Ok, back to the topic today. How many of us that actually accompany our mom to the salon? I mean the hooman salon. I get a chance to go with her sometime back. I can tell you, the hooman salon its not fun! Mom don't get extra service. In our salon, we gets lotsa kisses, treats, huggies despite the stoooooopid blower and nail clipper... our salon is much more better! Mom don't get her manicure and pedicure done... the stylist don't wash her butt =X and don't clean her ears... Believe me.. as mommy told me I must start to learn to love grooming and appreciate it. Trying hard!

Just some random pictures in the hooman salon. There is a few more, but mom's photography skill are lousy.. I wouldn't want the bad photos polluting my pretty blog.

Dear friends... love your groomers, don't bite them ya!


♪Tobi♪ said...

CUTIE!! luv ur cut. ur a very beautiful sushi!!

~Tobi (^_~)

Sinv said...

i tot tis is about human doing hair in human salon. keke

Sushi said...

muh blog of course talk about me instead of da hooman =)