Saturday, December 13, 2008

XX's tank cleaning

Yesterday, cleaned XX's tank, and my kpoh girls non-stop peeping at XX.

The tank without bedding :)

All done! Oh forget about her water bottle :p And I think I need to get a bigger wheel for her someday too ^_^


dianacom said...

Interested in getting a wheel from me? Check out this link

yenlu said...

Hey, can you give me the dimension and price for the both silent wheel?

dianacom said...

The small silent wheel is 4 inches, the big one is 6 inches. Since you are keeping your pet hamster in an aquarium, I don't think the silent wheels are suitable because they don't have stands. Maybe you would be interested in the other wheels with stands? The big one measures 6 inches too. As for pricing, could you please call Cindy to check? Her contact is as per the ad. By the way, I'm in Wangsa Maju, KL.

yenlu said...

Like that nevermind lor... I just interested with silent one. If not ah.. very noisy and disturbing! Thanks yah!