Saturday, December 13, 2008

BaaPii Grooming Miki

Its been abbout two weeks since Miki bathed. It was 29 November, the date Jason groomed her. Miki was so smelly, and I urge bf to bath her.

So, it was 1am, we came back from our regular mamak visit, he brings Miki to our "grooming table" and start working with her! Bf said, just groom Miki once more because her fur grow longer liao. I shaked head but I did not bother, because I was not the one who did the job.

As you can see, a lot fur got cut. :p Miki's fur just grow so fast! It was just two weeks ago since last full groom. Actually can last about a month, just that bf hand itchy.. guess he is addicted to grooming. Me too =)

So I k-po-ing taking pictures, and bf said, come you groom the eye brow. Haha.. so I just take the scissors and cut here cut there, use the thinning shears cut here cut there for fun. It was fun.

All these are the picture of progress. We did not bath Miki before the full groom, so cannot comb her into pretty fluffy legs.

Miki: See, baapii gotta do the clean up and mommy oni know how to snap snap snap..

Its done for the day, and I gotta vacuum the whole house, not because of the grooming session, its because its very dirty already. I just keep postponed it till today, and I skipped the mopping part. Tooo tired, and forgot to take Miki's picture after blow dry. Oh well, next time then.


jason86 said...

wah!!!so fast do 2nd full grooming ka????

yenlu said...

bf say "suang ah"