Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back Blogging!

I was away to KL for about a week plus, and I couldn't be blogging... *sob* *sob* I am back online since Sunday, but I just get back to myself today. Reaching here at bf place, is like turning myself into a maid. Now all of them are sleeping, bf, Miki, Sushi, XX alllll asleep. I did not bring XB along with me, I left her back in Pahang to accompany my mom. I need sometime to upload the pictures from the phones. My camera is half dead and previously I was using my mom's camera.

So, what I have been doing for the past weeks? I made 6 pet beds, delivered last Friday *if I am not mistaken*. And brought Sushi for her yearly jab. She had the 10 in 1 (the basic 9 + pneumodog (kernel cough)) at Brickfield Veterinary Medical Centre. For the first time, we are the only customer during our visits. Most of the other regulars going to Gasing Vet Hospitals (their newly opened Hospitals). We went back to Brickfield, because Sushi's vet is there that day.

Oh my, I get so stucked blogging today. Need to clog up a bit. Catch up later.

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