Friday, December 19, 2008

Personal Masseur cum Best Friend?

Let me update this before I am away for the weekend. I am trying my best to update regularly, but sometimes just can't. But hopefully I can at least keep up with the current pace.

Sushi's Personal Masseur Part II

Trying a more advance "befriending" a hamster and a dog :p Same as the previous, Sushi just guai guai lay down and let XX crawl her. Actually we put XX on top of her la.. even when XX accidentally drop near her mouth, Sushi also doesn't moves LOL.

You may think that Sushi is afraid of XX, but I don't think that is the way. When XX is in the tank, Sushi will scratch the tank trying to play with XX. But if I put XX walking on the floor, Sushi will just lay down and watch. Nezu says, "maybe Sushi know that she will hurt XX, so she just lay down and watch. But if XX in tank, Sushi know she can't hurt XX, so she try to scratch the tank playing with her." After Nezu said so, I think and think... maybe Sushi really that clever?

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