Sunday, December 28, 2008

Supplies Shopping Day

I am kinda "big head prawn" (careless) sometimes. I misplaced Sushi's stainless steel comb after Cameron trip, because I was taking in and out giving Sushi her best look most the time. So, on the day I traveled from Teluk Intan to Mentakab, I dropped by Pet Safari, Ikano to get some supplies.

For Sushi:

A double-sided stainless steel comb with plastic handle: RM10.50. (But when the girl scanned through the barcode, it appears as RM10.55, I questioned her about it, and she refunded me the 5 cents haha =P) Actually my original plan was to buy another normal stainless steel comb, but I couldn't find any in Pet Safari, so I choose this.

After I used this comb, I find it quite nice. I just need to flip it over to change the comb size, and do not have to turn the entire comb over. Another good reason is, maybe I can find the old-stainless-steel-comb? So I do not have the same comb kekekeke... FYI, this is not the first time I lost a comb, and I found it about weeks later after we got a new one HAHA... that was a flea comb, more suitable to use when she was a puppy, or fine detailing now.

And I got her some treats. 2 packs of Salmon Snack, 1 pack of Pacific Whiting (both kinds is 100% dried wild pacific salmon and dried Pacific Whiting), a Canada product. I hope this kind of treats is natural enough for my sensitive Sushi, until I get a toy-toy like Nezu owned.

Hey, these treats are not cheap! One pack RM7.50, and there are in 25gm each pack. Yes, you read it correctly, RM7.50 for TWENTY FIVE GRAMS. But if you see it this way, the weight of the dry food is about 20-30% of the weigh of the food in fresh... think it that way may feel better LOL... Nezu if you are reading, when are you going to do me some favor with your toy-toy XD… but I am not opening these until Chinese New Year. These are for her as a celebration, and also as a show off tools. Not going to let the people feed any peanuts to my Sushi!

My cousin fed her Shih Tzu with roasted peanuts, lots of them during our previous family gathering. I kept ask her to stop feeding, but there are about 3 little cousin girls that keep feed and feed and feed, and I get tired stopping them. What can I do when the owner don't really care? Or she doesn’t really understand about healthy or not. SAD!! I wished all people are more willing to learn and listen, study and research for their dogs good.

For Xiao Bai:
Back 2 Basics bedding
Actually I was seeking for Breeder Celect but cannot find any, so I took Back 2 Basics, since they are actually same thing, in different shapes. This palette bedding is so nice to use. Reduced odors a lot, comparing to wood shavings. Bye Bye wood shavings!

Prestige Hamster Nature
Mom called, and asked me to buy food for XB, and I asked her, “uh finished dy meh?” She said almost! Ok, I remembered I left about 300gm food for her to feed XB and I took the remaining (about 300gm too) along with me for XX. There are about 150gm left still for XX, and almost finished for XB? XB is such a big eater? Ok, so not to starve XB, I bought another pack of Prestige Hamster Nature. Actually I was tempted to buy Harry Hamster for a changed of taste. Suddenly, came a thought, XB maybe don’t like it, so I still grabbed the Prestige after second thought. When I reached home, I still find about 100gm of food for XB. Mom is just exaggerating =___=

(I will upload pictures later after I take them, its late now and the big pack of bedding is in the garage)

You may asked, nothing for Miki? Haha, she will gets the dried fish too, IF I get to see her before they are finished! Else, I will just buy some others for her by then ^_^

Hmm, I am kinda long gas tonight =P Is it a good thing?

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