Saturday, December 27, 2008

Accident & Updates

I would like to update blog earlier, but I had some minor accident (I knocked my head and had 2 stitches, not telling you where it is haha…) and I have been resting for days. I’m not going to talk more about that, not something worth celebrating LOL. Don’t ask me! I’m not going to tell =P No matter what.

So, let me update about today before I updates what have passed for the week. First, me, I went for another check up at the clinic today, and got myself for some antibiotic. And the doctor cleans my wound. And that she took away my RM38. I wonder how much is her consultation fees, as she did not itemized in her bill.

And when I was away to the clinic and lunch with my kaijie and her sister, my mom called. She called my kaijie’s sister because I and my kaijie didn’t realize our phone rang. When she hangs up, she told me “Hey, your mom says your daughter is hungry, ask you faster go home and feed her”… and I answered, “Nevermind lah, it’s only 1pm, sometimes I fed her about 3pm”. At this moment, one auntie that was sitting at the same table (friends of the sister) gave a shocking face and asked me, “You never fixed a time to feed her?” At this moment, I guess she thought the “daughter” my mom was talking about is a human-girl, so I simply told her, “It’s a dog”. Both my kaijie and the sister were laughing so badly, and the auntie giving black face…. I don’t know whether I should join in the laugh or what, I just smiled hahaaha =P

BTW, don't think that I am cruel to feed my dogs at 3pm instead of 1pm for lunch. I do not specifically set their meal time. This is to prevent they act like alarm clock to ask for meals. Dogs that are feed on time daily tends to know the meal time eventually. They will be making lots of noise if you are late giving them their meal for the day. So far, my girls never complain if I give them food late, especially Miki. She eats when she happy. As for Sushi, as long as she doesn’t smell any food, she is ok. If I prepared her food but not feeding her yet (I put on the table), she will be guarding her bowl, not moving anywhere until I feed her.

Photos of the day:

She is kinda messy, need a nice bath tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am back in Mentakab already. And I forgot to bring back her Cameron-Vege-Puree, so I gotta go and shop for some greens tomorrow.

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