Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Evening At The Park

2 days ago (Monday) we brought Miki and Sushi to a park. This park is a little bit further from the place we stay, because the nearby park is usually pack with people.

When we reached there, there was a Indian family. We spotted some Malays too, but they were in the other area.

Sushi was very welcomed by the Indian family. See this, they are molesting my Sushi:

Close Up:

But one of the kid is afraid of Miki, and he ran, so Miki chased him. Miki gotta be on leash because of that.

Following are the pictures of Sushi & Miki enjoying their evening:

Sushi: This place looks fun!

Sushi: Teehee... mommy say no leash!

Miki: Can I run over there?

I wanna play the swing!

Sushi: This grass is comfy!

Miki: Tired...

Sushi: I am so happy!

Sushi: Show you my long tongue

Mommy: Sushi, say cheese!

Zooooom Up:

Mommy: Sushi, smile somemore, take a better shot!
Sushi: Hmm, what is Miki doing there?

Mommy: Sushi, mommy said, see here!
Sushi: =( Faster la...

This Sushi is not co-operating at all when taking pictures!

It was so much fun! Must bring them to the park again soon!

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