Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back! Cameron Vege Puree~

Yay, I am back from my Cameron trip! Actually I reached on Sunday night, but I was too tired to update my blog earlier. Didn't really had a nice sleep in Cameron because the doggies barks suddenly in the middle of the night, and Sushi growling at them hahaha :) So I had quite some sleeps yesterday and today. I will update the Cameron trip later hopefully tomorrow, and more when I get the pictures from Sinv, because I don't take a lot pictures.

Today, I made a new vegetable puree for Sushi, with the vegetables I bought from Cameron. They are very fresh. This is only part of it, because the rest are for the hoo-mans consumption ^_^:

The greenish purple is spinach, according to the seller. Seldom see it in the market. Usually I saw only green spinach. I blended all of them and becomes something kinda yucky *for me* but smells great.

Hmm, only so little puree... I think this can last about 2 weeks. Guess what? Both Miki and Sushi loves licking it just like that!

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