Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Present

This year is a quiet birthday, but anyhow I am still happy because mom always love us. My birthday falls on 24th August, and Lexus's on 4th August.

This is our main birthday present. I got a charm-necklace, and Lexus got a named-collar. You know what, the bells on mine are noisy! I will ask mom to take out some of the bells... =)

This is from grandma :p

There are more actually, but all in our stomach already. Mom also cooked for us, made us biscuit and many treats! It was a busy month for mom, and I am glad that finally she settle all her unhappy stuff. I want mom to be a happy girl again!

Oh, I heard mom say something about our birthday celebration this Sunday..!! wow! Wonder what is that about?