Friday, September 11, 2009


Hola! Its been long since I updated my blog. Merci merci!

To apologize, today I am going to share a delicious home cook Meat-Muffin for my fellow paws-friend. This is our dinner tonight! Thanks to my mommy, its our first attempt!

First first, here is the main ingredient for our Meat-Muffin day!
Aussie Beef Minced! (Mommy: Surprisingly, its only RM5.33 =P)

Next, we have the Aussie carrots, local broccoli and US Potato.. all washed, peeled, cut and bring to boil... Honestly, where these stuff comes from doesn't give me a big deal, as long as they are edible!

And then, here comes the fun mixing part! Mixing the meat, eggs, organic rolled oats, the mashed boiled vegetables and organic extra virgin olive oil ^_^

Mix mix mix and wa-la-la... arrange them into the non-stick muffin baking tray. You know, at this moment, we are having the extra boiled vegetables as treat while waiting the Meat-Muffin to be done!

Waiting time... wait and wait and wait.. mommy oh mommy, its so long! I lost count how long I waited.. oh well, actually I don't even know how to count the time! I just know its like ages!!! And then, TING! Its done! Its done!

It smells so yummy!! Mommy scoop one out into Lexus's bowl. Ok, mommy spoil the muffin shape! But what's the big deal?! Who cares about how it looks like? I wanna eat!!!

You see, like I said, who cares about the shape when mommy decides to break it into smaller portion?

Cut the crap, eating time!

Yumm yumm!!

You see my bowl is bigger then Lexus's! Actually.. only my bowl is bigger, we ate the same portion size, one Meat-Muffin!

Ahhhh.... I am done! Its sooooo delicious!

Mommy, can we have more? Pwease? There is four more.. mommy.. pwease??

Mommy: I tasted it myself, it really taste so nice! I would love to have one too =)

Finally, mommy decided to give us another half, me and Lexus sharing one. Yummmmmmy!


3ggNurs3 said...

Abby: Can you ask ur mommy pos laju one to me ar? mummy don hav the "ting ting" thing so can't make it ler...

sinv said...

omg. so hao ming u kids!!! Amos Boey Chico must be jealous maxxxxxx

Glennis said...

Such lucky dogs, your Mummy makes your very own meat muffins, most poor dogs have to make do with old bought stuff without the tender care.

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Emily said...

Oh ,He is so cute!!!!!

Guide said...

the are so cute an te recipe is easy..i have dogs too..i think they are going to love it...

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