Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feet Fur Trimming Day

Few days back (Friday) mommy finally decided to trim my feet fur (and also paw fur). Oh my.... they were so long, but she still don't wanna cut earlier!

This is the damaged she made:

So much right?! See my clean feet now:

Can you see??

She always take pictures till I fall asleep... somemore I have been keep standing still for her to cut! It's tiring!

Now my feet is a lot cleaner, and won't pick up so much dust and dry leaves!


Sinv said...

Amos, Boey and Chico paw fur also trimmed today :)

Sushi said...

Its not trimming paw fur la.. is the FEET fur :p paw fur she simply trim only because she say lazy take the clipper out... what groomer is this hah????